19 Useful Cooking Hacks You Should Always Remember

    These can really help.

    1. To keep guacamole from browning, cover it with a thin layer of pico de gallo until it's time to serve and eat.

    2. For naturally sweeter lemonade, roast lemons in the oven before juicing them.

    3. Season mushrooms and zucchini *after* they brown in the pan, not before.

    4. And dry meat before searing it to drain excess moisture too.

    5. Always rinse rice with water before cooking it.

    6. Use a nonstick pan sparingly — it's only good for a few things.

    7. Add a tiny bit of salt to your coffee to make it less bitter.

    8. When reheating leftovers in the microwave, place a damp paper towel on top.

    9. Caramelize onions in half the time by adding a small pinch of baking soda.

    10. Don't use olive oil when you're cooking steaks or stir-fries.

    11. Remember that the Instant Pot comes with a built-in lid holder.

    12. Grate ginger with a microplane instead of mincing it.

    13. If in doubt when oven-roasting vegetables, just remember the magic temperature: 425°F.

    14. For glossy, restaurant-quality sauces, finish them with a pat of cold butter.

    15. Instead of turning the hand mixer, turn the bowl.

    16. Store your greens with paper towels to make them last longer.

    17. Baking bacon? Place a second sheet tray on top of your bacon to prevent it from curling.

    18. When making chocolate-flavored dough or batter, use cocoa powder — instead of regular flour — to prep countertops and pans.

    19. And finally, when working with aromatics, add garlic last.

    What's a kitchen or cooking habit you wish you'd known about sooner? Share it in the comments!