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10 Very Doable At-Home Art Projects For Kids (That Won't Stress Parents Out)

As more schools close, here's what families are making together at home.

Victoria Reyes / BuzzFeed

With the coronavirus outbreak continuing to close down schools, parents (myself included 👋) are looking for ways to keep their kids busy, entertained, and learning at home each day.

To help, I asked Pinterest to share their top-pinned DIY arts and crafts projects right now. All of these activities have surged in popularity on their site over the past few weeks. They're also all easy, inexpensive — and designed to keep your toddlers and kids occupied. (For at least a little bit!) 🎨

1. Cactus Pet Rocks

All you need: Rocks, paint + brush, googly eyes, small pot or container.

Instructions: Cactus Pet Rocks

2. Colorful Calming Jars

All you need: Jars, baby oil, water, food coloring, toothpick.

Instructions: Calm Down Jars

3. Egg Carton Flowers

All you need: Egg carton, paint + brush, scissors, straw, glue.

Instructions: Egg Carton Flowers

4. Easy Folded Butterfly

All you need: Paper, scissors, string.

Instructions: Easy Folded Butterfly

5. DIY Duct Tape Cube

All you need: Wooden cubes, duct tape or washi tape.

Instructions: DIY Duct Tape Cube

6. Homemade Playdough

Joe Lingeman / Kitchn

All you need: Marshmallows, coconut oil, corn starch, food coloring.

Instructions: Homemade Playdough

7. Sensory Bags

All you need: Zip-top bag, hair gel, food coloring, filler of choice (letters, sprinkles, etc).

Instructions: Sensory Bags

8. Aquarium Mason Jars

All you need: Jar, water, food coloring, aquarium fish or plants, glycerin (optional).

Instructions: Aquarium Mason Jars

9. Tin Can Owls

All you need: Can, felt, yarn, paint, googly eyes, bottlecaps, glue, scissors.

Instructions: Tin Can Owls

10. Velcro Building Sticks

All you need: Craft sticks, velcro dots.

Instructions: Velcro Building Sticks

Find more stay-at-home inspiration on Pinterest. 🏠