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10 Very Doable At-Home Art Projects For Kids (That Won't Stress Parents Out)

As more schools close, here's what families are making together at home.

With the coronavirus outbreak continuing to close down schools, parents (myself included 👋) are looking for ways to keep their kids busy, entertained, and learning at home each day.

To help, I asked Pinterest to share their top-pinned DIY arts and crafts projects right now. All of these activities have surged in popularity on their site over the past few weeks. They're also all easy, inexpensive — and designed to keep your toddlers and kids occupied. (For at least a little bit!) 🎨

1. Cactus Pet Rocks

2. Colorful Calming Jars

3. Egg Carton Flowers

4. Easy Folded Butterfly

5. DIY Duct Tape Cube

6. Homemade Playdough

7. Sensory Bags

8. Aquarium Mason Jars

9. Tin Can Owls

10. Velcro Building Sticks

Find more stay-at-home inspiration on Pinterest. 🏠