34 Real-Life Wedding Moments That Prove Dads Are The Best

Dads are rad. (But you already knew that.)

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

1. Fact: Dads rule.

Leslie Barbaro Photgraphy /

2. Day in and day out…

Woodnote Photography / / via

3. You can always count on them…

4. For a laugh…

Amanda Summerlin / / via

5. Or a cry…

Steve Koo Photography /

Tears of joy, of course.

6. For wise words…

Andy Barnhart / / via

7. And smooth moves…

Critsey Rowe /

8. And most of all?

9. For ~dad jokes~.

10. Because dads.

11. Love their.

Krista Lee Photography /



Caca Santoro /

“I am your father.” —This dad

13. But in all seriousness?

14. Whether you need an extra hug…

Cory Ryan /


15. Or an extra hand…

Swoon By Katie /

16. You know that dad…

Mir Anwar Photography /

17. Will be there no matter what.

18. And without a doubt…

Jen Fariello /


19. He’ll always come through.

Makowski Photography /

Like this groom and his daughter.

20. And that’s ~especially~ true…

21. On a wedding day.

22. Between the laughs:

Lev Kuperman /

24. The aisle walks:

Jennifer Moher / / via

25. The first dances:

26. And the LAST dances:

Noah Hawthorne Photography /

27. The day wouldn’t be the same without Pops.

28. So with Father’s Day upon us…

Katie Stoops /

29. Join us, if you will…

30. And raise a glass…

Leslie Barbaro /

31. (Or two!)

The Lous /

32. To dearest dad.

Kevin Weinstein /

33. Thanks, as always…

Paul Johnson Photography /

34. For everything.

ZoomWorks Photography /


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