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15 Online Workouts You Can Do At Home Instead Of At The Gym

Low-equipment and no-equipment ways to stay active — without leaving your house.

We asked the BuzzFeed Community for their favorite ways to work out and stay active from the comfort of their own homes, given the coronavirus outbreak. Here's what they said. 💪

1. Yoga With Adriene

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"Adriene makes it fun, and I love that she has yoga sessions tailored to so many things. The ones for stress relief and anxiety are great for mental health. On days when I really just want to sweat, there are challenging routines for that too. I would recommend her YouTube channel to anyone!" —holo-there

2. HIIT Classes From Raneir Pollard

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"I love PopSugar videos! The ones with Raneir Pollard are my all-time favorite. I also love their app because you can filter workouts by type, time, and fitness level." —deadpanrockstar98

"PopSugar has so many workouts that I love — and the trainers (especially Raneir Pollard, Keaira Lashae, and Jake Dupree) are super motivational. Even if you just sit there and watch, their pep talks are very comforting and wholesome." —justchillman

3. Team Body Project

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"Their workouts are almost always low-impact — with high-impact options. For working out at home, I'll alternate between these and a portable elliptical that I found on Amazon. I'll go on that and watch TV instead of just sitting on the couch." —oliviamaryh90

4. The Fitness Marshall

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"The Fitness Marshall does the best dance cardio workouts on YouTube. It's everything from Lizzo to Fifth Harmony to Post Malone. A lot of cardio dance channels feel like actual work, but Fitness Marshall makes you feel like you're at a party." —thejackfruit

5. The Down Dog App

6. Fitness Blender

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"The instructors are a very down-to-earth couple that make the videos with no cringey enthusiasm or horrible background music. They have videos for every kind of workout imaginable: HIIT, strength, pilates, yoga, kettlebell, and more." —diddlefish84

"Fitness Blender! They have hundreds of free videos of varying lengths and difficulties. I’ve been following their videos for years." —rosemary

7. Just Dance

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"There are a ton of Just Dance game videos on YouTube. If you can get over the awkwardness of playing the game without actually playing it, it’s a super-fun, high-impact workout. And if you have little kids, they love dancing along with it, too!" —somethingcleverhere

"If I’m being honest, I still love Just Dance. If I don’t like totally ~moving and grooving~ that day, I'll also just listen to the music and do burpees and sit-ups." –gabbyisawizard

8. MommaStrong

9. Blogilates

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"I’ve been doing Cassey’s workouts since I was 15 and I’m 25 now. They’re free and she has a handy workout calendar on her website that targets specific areas each day. She’s so sweet, very motivating, and gives you options for beginner, intermediate, and advanced moves. It’s equipment-free, and all you need is a yoga mat!" —allitheresalec

10. 15-Minute Booty Workout From Jake Dupree

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"I love anything PopSugar, but my favorite workout is this 15-Minute Lazy-Girl Booty Workout by Jake Dupree. Don't be fooled by the name, though — it's definitely *not* for lazy people. I work out daily, and my first time doing this was really hard. It's super effective!" —lilbusybuzz

11. The FIIT App

12. Rebounding Workout From Laura London

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"I love rebounding — or mini trampoline workouts. They're so good for your body, inside and out!" —autumns10

13. Tone It Up

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"I'm big into Tone It Up programs and yoga videos. TIU's new strength program is excellent if you have the equipment for it. I have my guest room set up as a workout space, so I have everything I need at home: a cheap bench, dumbbells, resistance bands, and a foam roller. But for anyone just starting out at home, remember that you can use everyday things (like wine bottles) for added resistance." —mermaidveggal

14. Ring Fit Adventure for Nintendo Switch

15. And the 12-Week HIIT Challenge From Heather Robertson

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"I'm currently doing Heather Robertson's 12-Week Challenge and love it. The sessions are all free to download and don't need a ton of equipment — just a stability ball, a mat, and some dumbbells. If you like challenging HIIT workouts, I'd recommend these." —cici0110

What's your favorite at-home workout, app, or fitness product? Leave it in the comments below!

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Note: Some submissions have been edited for length or clarity.