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Mar 18, 2020

Alton Brown Made A Handwashing Video And People Are Split Over The Dark Ending

Well, *that* took a turn.

By now, you already know that one of the most important things you can do during ~These Times~ is wash your hands. πŸ‘


Lots of people have shared ways to help us remember and do that effectively.

The World Health Organization posted guidelines, and celebs like Brandon Flowers and Gloria Gaynor gave us sink soundtracks. πŸ™

Alton Brown is one of the latest to chime in with a tutorial on how to properly wash your hands β€” and leave it to him to get technical.

He starts off with some important background β€” and talks about why hand sanitizer (over actual washing) just doesn't cut it.

(It's a super useful explanation β€” and worth watching.)

Then, the main event: the Handwashing How-To.

As with all things Alton β€” it's ~involved.~ (But informative!)

Before starting, Alton also says he prefers bar soap over liquid soap, and travels with his own personal piece.

Alton explains that his go-to technique is multi-step. First part? Get your hands wet.

Then, he instructs: Lather up your palms for five seconds...

Then wring them, and do the tops of your hands for five more.

Then five seconds of the back-and-forth hook... 🀝

Making sure to get under your nails, he says.

And five more of the interlaced clasp...

Then rinse for five seconds, dry, and you're done.

He says the whole thing should take about 30-45 seconds.

TBH, it's a pretty great and useful breakdown! But in what won't surprise anyone who's ever watched a Good Eats ep, Alton keeps things going.

Spoilers ahead, friends.

He goes from drying his hands β€” to an overhead cleaver shot...

And then we see Alton's untimely (and gory) fate unfold:


Fair to say that some viewers weren't expecting the twist ending.

Okay, so I probably should have warned everyone about the last 10 seconds of that video...sorry.

Twitter: @altonbrown

And that maybe Alton wasn't expecting THEM to not expect it.

Some weren't into it:


While others saw no issue:


Still, the next day, Alton uploaded an uncut version (if you will) β€” one that ditches the gory ending and sticks to its clean PSA roots.

For those of you who wanted the #handwashing video without the cleaver and the grizzly aftermath, the edited version is up!

And life in These Times rolled on.

Watch the full original video here:

View this video on YouTube

Or watch the cleaned up, cleaver-free version here:

View this video on YouTube
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