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29 Reasons You Should Be Watching "The Mindy Project"

This hilarious star vehicle for "The Office" alum, Mindy Kaling, is sadly overlooked by viewers and Emmy voters alike. Mindy plays a fictionalized version of herself, who happens to be a badass OB/GYN. Her coworkers are the most colorful and entertaining mix of hooligans network television has ever seen. Watch it!

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29. Mindy has standards

Much of the show is about Mindy balancing her professional life with her dating life. Her attitude constantly shifts between being dead set on finding Mr. Right and the perils of #foreveralone. Either way, she thinks too much of herself to settle. #girlpower

24. Badass body image

Mindy constantly jokes about how hard it is finding love as a "chubby Indian woman in her thirties," but no matter how many times she throws the "chubby" around, she's got some killer confidence. The term she uses is "hot but doesn't know it." Spoiler alert: she knows it.

23. Nurse Morgan Tookers

Morgan alone is enough of a reason to watch this show. There's nothing else like him on TV. Nothing comes out of his mouth that isn't absolutely hilarious. He seems to really worship Mindy too, which bodes well for Mindy's confidence. Any scene he's in, he steals. Tookers out.

22. They've got some friendly competition

The competition between Mindy's practice (Shulman & Associates) and the brother duo Midwives in their building is a constant source of wisecracking friction. The rivalry erupted in a triathlon that at one point included Danny jogging in a sweatshirt, speedo, and pink sneakers. A sight to be seen.

18. Mindy paves her way as a woman in a boys club

Being the only woman in a four doctor practice can work against Mindy at times, but she's not one to sit and take it. Mindy likes her TV just as much as the guys like to play Nerf gun games. And she obviously doesn't mind the occasional human sacrifice.

17. This brilliant comedic moment

No plot, nothing is actually happening, but in a scene that opens with Mindy chillin at home watching TV, a cat crawls into her lap and she begins to pet it. Not something you'd think twice about until she jumps up because she does not have a cat. I died twice from this scene.

16. Jeremy's post fat phase conditioning

Our favorite dashing British doctor went through a bit of a weight gain in the beginning of season two. The weight came off eventually, but his struggle with food obsession continued in some pretty funny ways. Pain infliction included.

12. Dance moves

Who is the last character on this show you would expect to bust a perfectly choreographed move to Aaliyah's "Try Again"? Obviously the person who did it. Danny's Secret Santa gift to Mindy was on pointe. (LOL get it?)

6. Danny begins to show emotions and it's beautiful

In the beginning, Danny refused to admit that he and Mindy were friends. His surliness broke down in a realistic way throughout the first two seasons of the show. It only took some mild turbulence to show him what he really wants. Spoiler: It's Mindy.


When Mindy and Danny finally kissed, not only was it awesome because you want them together, but exciting to think about what was gonna go down when they got back to the office. Their relationship has had some serious bumps, but we're assured from the real life Mindy Kaling that when Season 3 resumes, they'll be the real deal. Go Dindy/Manny! Ugh those both suck. Oh well. #dannyandmindy

2. Mindy gave Danny a copy of Bridget Jones's Diary

Mindy has a habit of thinking everyone else will love the things she loves. When Danny was in the hospital, naturally she gifted him a copy of Bridget Jones's Diary as it usually cheers her up. Being the good sport he is, Danny threw on his red grandma glasses and read to her in a British accent. Swoon-ish.

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