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5 Reasons I Quit Social Media

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1. It replaced conversation


Have you hung out with a bunch of your friends, to look up and realize you are all on your phone. You may not all be doing the same thing, but you are all busy on social media that you don't realize how crazy it looks for people to gather and stare at a screen. It has replaced a good majority of what should happen when you hang out with your friends. Whether its checking likes, checking other people's stories or scrolling endlessly through twitter it should not keep you from talking, laughing, being present in the moment with the people you chose to spend time with!

2. It made me feel like my life was boring


Never look at the explore page of Instagram when you are bored. It may seem like the perfect time to look, but really it makes you see you are staring at a phone, while other people are sky diving, going to fun parties, and countless things that beat sitting on your phone. Not only that, it has probably even kept you from posting something you want to share out of fear that no one will care, or that it wont get as many likes as someone who is doing something "cool". Watching someone's snap story may make you feel like you 1. should have went out 2. wish you were invited out. Social media is a place for people to prove to others that they are having fun and interesting. I found myself needing to take pictures before the hangout started or event started and would only feel okay if i got nice pictures, that's bad. You're not boring, you just have this feeling you are.

3. I fell victim to OCD, obsessive comparison disorder


This can go hand in hand with the boring point but it's true. This hits hard when holidays come around. Mostly valentines days. It may sound like a single-girls rant, but seeing someone get showered with love and gifts does not feel good when you are swinging solo. Seeing people have "more exciting plans" can make you question whether or not you want to be where you are. You see people around you doing such exciting things when you are snacking watching Netflix. You end up comparing yourself to others, when in reality, they are probably doing the same thing at other points. But when you see it happening, it makes you question "why don't i do stuff like that?"

4. It made me so unproductive


No surprise here. When we want a distraction, we turn to that and it works. Not only that, i could have read more books, did more of what i enjoy like draw, sing, dance but i spent a lot of time scrolling and typing! You don't realize until you switch from app to app and refresh. You can't watch or do anything without reaching for your phone in hopes of a notification. It takes over slowly and before you know it, you are hooked.

5. It makes you doubt if people really like you


Only 6 likes on that picture? No favorites? No retweets? Damn...maybe i should just delete it? That way no one will know that it sucked...yeah, i'm gonna delete it. *Deletes* Has anyone had this conversation with themselves? We would need the perfect picture, feel so good, then get an undesired amount of likes and make you question damn....maybe i don't look good. YOU DO LOOK GOOD BOOBOO, don't let the amount of likes, retweets, and shares dominate your opinion of yourself.


While social media can be great, in which it brings people together for good causes, allows you to connect with people you greatly admire, it also is not necessary. At least not to the point its at now, where people compulsively check it while real life is passing by. Look up and take in your surroundings. It isn't easy at first but after you get rid of it, you'll realize you never needed it.

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