The Dark Side Of Bitstrips

Soon after you get addicted, you realize that bitstrips has a surprisingly dark side.

1. It all starts when your “best friend” loses her watch inside of you while performing surgery… then things start to get ugly.

2. You decide that the only way to get her back is to sell her to “the man” for a little bit of money.

3. But the joke’s on you.

4. So that’s when you decide you must take things into your own hands….

Uh, isn’t that the same dying guy from the gallows?

5. And just when you think things are starting to get normal again, you realize you’re wrong.

This isn’t even really censored in the real Bitstrip, but for some reason it just felt wrong, even for a cartoon.

6. You see things you definitely never wanted to see…

7. Some perfectly innocent moments get ruined…

8. And there are TONS of traumatic injuries.

11. So let’s share a horrific moment on Bitstrips!

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