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The City Vs. The Hills

Whether you think The Hills is the worst show in the world or The City is the best thing on television since The Golden Girls , both of these reality gems have always invoked a wide variety of emotions amongst viewers. With The Hills coming to a close it was only right to do a finale battle.

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  • Round 1

    Most Interesting Conversations: Granted, neither show is known for its impressive articulation; however, some characters can be deemed more illiterate than others. Is it just me, or does it seem like Kristin Cavallari and Co. are huffing glue in-between thoughts? Ding ding ding, that's the bell and this round goes to The City .

  • Round 2

    Characters You Love to Hate...or just hate, period: The Hills has the loathsome Spencer Pratt, possibly the biggest douchebag to ever grace our television screens, not to mention Kristin Cavallari. While The City has the obnoxious Oliva Palmero who is spiteful to our beloved Whitney Port, she simply cannot compare to Spencer, who mistreats queen Heidi and spent half a million dollars (his entire fortune) on healing crystals. I think we may have a winner!

  • Round 3

    The Emotional Rollercoaster: With a crew like Kristin Cavallari, Audrina Patridge and Stephanie Pratt, you are almost guaranteed to see a river of mascara tears on every episode of The Hills . Kristin seems to be able to make anyone turn on the water works and Audrina just loves to cry over Justin Bobby, even though she is now dating Ryan Cabrera (whose hair is even bigger than his ego). And Stephanie, well... Stephanie is just a mess in general. Whether it be her "rumored" substance abuse or simply being related to Spencer (which is reason enough to cry on a regular basis), we can always expect the occasional pathetic sob. The Hills takes this one.

  • Round 4

    And Of Course, Who Doesn't Love a good Scandal? Sure, both shows deliver the drama, but The Hills overwhelmingly takes the cake as the more scandalous of the two. There was the infamous Jason Wahler/ Lauren Conrad sex tape scandal; broken friendships with Heidi/Audrina/Stephanie - any others I am forgetting? With Stephanie Pratt's alcohol problem, Kristin Cavallari's "crazy" drug accusation and the unforgettable Brody Jenner drama, it's been quite a scandalous six seasons. From what I can remember, the most scandalous drama on The City has been Adam kissing another girl while Allie was out of town and Whitney leaving work early to go look at an apartment. Score one for The Hills .

  • End Result:

  • The City: 1

  • The Hills: 3

    Although, I'm not sure if being declared the winner of this battle is exactly a good thing .