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The 10 Most Disliked Videos On Youtube

Yesterday, Justin Bieber breathed a sigh of relief as Rebecca Black’s “Friday” took the crown as the most hated video on Youtube. Take a look at some other videos that made the list.

  • 10) Evolution of Dance (63,000 dislikes)

  • 9) Chocolate Rain (70,000 dislikes)

  • 8) Charlie Bit My Finger, Again! (73,500 dislikes)

  • 7) Never Let You Go by Justin Bieber (74,000 dislikes)

  • 6) One Less Lonely Girl by Justin Bieber (77,500 dislikes)

  • 5) Bad Romance by Lady Gaga 82,500 dislikes

  • 4) Somebody to Love Remix Featuring Usher by Justin Bieber (87,500 dislikes)

  • 3) Never Say Never featuring Jaden Smith by Justin Bieber (96,500 dislikes)

  • 2) Baby by Justin Bieber (1.15 million dislikes)

  • 1) Friday by Rebecca Black (1.16 million dislikes)

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