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    Updated on May 13, 2020. Posted on Jul 21, 2011

    25 Simple Questions You Probably Don’t Know The Answers To

    Believe it or not, with a little digging, most of these questions can be answered.

    1. Why Doesn't McDonald's Sell Hotdogs?

    2. At A Movie Theater Which Arm Rest Is Yours?

    3. What Is Satan's Last Name?

    4. Why Do Doctors Leave The Room When You Change? They're Going To See You Naked Anyway

    5. Where Does The Toetag Go On A Dead Person If They Don't Have Toes?

    6. Why Is There A Disclaimer On The Allstate Auto Insurance Commericals That Says "Not Available In All States"?

    7. If A Person Dies And Then Springs Back To Life, Do They Get Their Money Back For The Coffin?

    8. Do They Bury People With Their Braces On?

    9. Why Is It That Everyone Driving Faster Than You Is Considered An Idiot And Everyone Driving Slower Than You Is A Moron?

    10. Why Does Grape Flavor Smell The Way It Is When Actual Grapes Don't Taste Or Smell Anything Like It?

    11. What's The Difference Between Normal Ketchup And Fancy Ketchup?

    12. Why Is The Lone Ranger Called 'Lone' If He Always Has His Indian Friend Tonto With Him?

    13. When Does It Stop Being Partly Cloudy And Start Being Partly Sunny?

    14. Are Eyebrows Considered Facial Hair?

    15. If A Baby's Leg Pops Out At 11:59 PM But His Head Doesn't Come Out Until 12:01, Which Day Was He Born On?

    16. Is There A Time Limit On Fortune Cookie Predictions?

    17. Since Bread Is Square, Then Why Is Sandwich Meat Round?

    18. Can Crop Circles Be Square?

    19. When Atheists Go To Court, Do They Have To Swear On The Bible?

    20. What Do You Do When You See An Endangered Animal That Is Eating An Endangered Plant?

    21. Why Are The Little Styrofoam Pieces Called Peanuts?

    22. Why Does The Easter Bunny Carry Eggs? Rabbits Don't Lay Eggs.

    23. Do Siamese Twins Pay For One Ticket Or Two Tickets When They Go To Movies And Concerts?

    24. Why Is The Heart Symbol Not Shaped Like The Organ?

    25. Do Prison Buses Have Emergency Exits?

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