Amelia Parry
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  • Lucca

    Lucca is the Shiloh Jolie-Pitt of dogs. She’s a girl, but she has a total boy energy and also likes to be called Stuart (just like Shiloh likes to be called “John”).

  • Beyonce’s Diva Video: She Needs A New Bag Of Tricks

    “Diva” is very similar to some of B’s other videos. Actually, similar is being kind—it’s like watching all her other videos rolled into one. I think the pop star has gotten so big, she doesn’t know how to outdo herself anymore. Here are five tricks from “Diva” that Ms. Knowles has used in her other videos…

  • Penn Bagdley In GQ: Putting The Hump In Humphrey

    Dan Humphrey has got a dirty side—well, thanks to pervy photog Terry Richardson, he does. In a shoot for the latest issue of GQ, the nice guy next door gets a lil’ naughty with some tennis balls, a leather jacket, and a bottle of champagne.

  • Face Off: Team Aniston Vs. Team Jolie

    Like it or not, whether you choose to cheer for Team Aniston or Jolie says something about you. “Whoever you team up with politically, theatrically or, in this case, in the tabloids, you’re going to end up identifying with that person or team’s values,” adds Dr. Gilda. “So if you team up with Angelina, there may be some femme fatale in you. If you team up with Jennifer, there may be some victim in you.” So how do Team Aniston and Team Jolie stack up? We, well, pitt them against one another in a new face off.

  • 11 Tips For Scoring At Thrift Stores

    Despite it being shopping season right now, none of us are buying as much we did last year—at least not from regular stores. While the retail industry is in its worst slump in 35 years, resale and thrift shops have reported increases in sales. I have definitely contributed to that rise; Besides a new winter coat (and underwear, of course), I haven’t bought any new new clothes since this summer. I even went to a super fancy wedding in a dress that cost $3! Find out how to work the Goodwill racks like a pro from three highly successful thrifters…

  • 12 Things We Can Thank Gay People For

    Across the country today, a lot people called out of work, not because they’re sick, but because they’re queer. It’s A Day Without A Gay! This boycott hopes to show the gay community’s strength in the face of Prop 8 and other anti-gay marriage bills that passed back in November. It’s days like these that truly remind us how much we idolize our gay friends, relatives, and heroes. It got us thinking…what would happen if they called out of work every day? After the jump, 12 things we would have missed out on if gay men and women weren’t a part of our society.

  • Christie Hefner OUT At Playboy

    Hugh Hefner’s daughter Christie, who has sat at the helm of the $300 million Playboy Enterprises empire for the last two decades, stepped down from her post yesterday. The self-described feminist has faced a myriad of challenges on the job in recent years, including falling subscription rates for the company’s flagship magazine, in part due to the increasingly widespread availability of adult content on the internet.

  • Hide Your Shortcomings With The Trouser Expander

    Is your boyfriend a little small down there? Well, pump up his ego with the Trouser Expander! It’s just one of many new products that make men feel better about their bodies. The Trouser Expander enlarges the user to “a whopping 8”, with girth beyond belief!” and costs just $7.

  • 2008: Year Of The Boob

    While it’s hard to measure your boobs for a bra, it’s easy to measure a year by them. And 2008 certainly had its peaks and valleys! The economy sagged, Barack lifted us, Heidi Montag made us heave, and Tina Fey perked us up. All in all, these past 12 months have been a titacular time! So, here are The Frisky’s favorite mammary memories of 2008…

  • Hot Trend: Butt Cleavage Piercings

    Women have been doing everything they can to draw attention to their assets by wagging them on the dance floor, bending over, slipping them into tight jeans, and even sporting the occasional panty that shows off butt cleavage. But there’s a new permanent attention grabber causing a commotion on the market: butt crack jewelry. At piercing parlors around the country, both men and women have been getting their booty cleave surface pierced.

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