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    Can We Trust HTGAWM's Connor Walsh?

    Can Connor Walsh be trusted? Is he a regular law student... or more?

    We all know the super handsome Connor Walsh from ABC's How to Get Away with Murder, but do we REALLY know him?

    A simple Google search of "How to Get Away with Murder cast" reveals the following image.

    Notice anything weird? Maybe not yet, but bare with me for a moment.

    Maybe look at this next photo of a Google search for "Breaking Bad cast".

    Or this other photo for "Parks and Recreation cast".

    How about one more for "Pretty Little Liars cast"?

    Notice it yet? The three shows, Breaking Bad, Parks and Recreation, and Pretty Little Liars are all popular shows that you may have seen, so you should know a thing or two about the characters in the show. If not, here is a recap written in yellow below the pictures.

    If you have made it this far you know the characters in How to Get Away with Murder, so I do not need to give you a recap. But from what we saw with the other 3 shows, a ranking of characters from most important/ popular/ dynamic to least, why is Connor Walsh the second cast member listed? Why not Wes or Frank or Bonnie?

    We do not know much about Connor's background, but we do know that he is smart, sly and willing to go to great lengths for what he wants.