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23 Things Customers Do That Really Grind Retail Workers' Gears

Exhibit A: Walking to the front of the line to ask a "quick question."

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1. Squeezing through the door just as you're closing up shop.

Dimension Films

2. Asking if you have more inventory in the back like there's a Tardis back there.

CBS Films

3. Asking if you work there WHILE you're wearing a uniform.

Paramount Pictures

4. Walking to the front of the line because they "just have a quick question."

Sony Pictures International

5. Nabbing you as you're walking to the break room, acknowledging they've caught you at a "bad time" but asking their questions anyway.


6. Asking if you've got any of, "you know, that thing with the black writing and ghost on it."

Funny or Die

7. Stashing the crap they've decided they don't really want on the front counter.


8. Charging in three minutes before a major holiday and screeching with disbelief that you've sold out of the most popular gift items...


9. ...and then expecting you to get personally invested in how much it's going to eff up their life.

Warner Bros.

10. Becoming super angry at you personally for shoddy merchandise.

DreamWorks Pictures

11. Getting all huffy when you won't let them return items that have clearly been used.

Loew's, Inc.

12. Using your shop as an impromptu nursery.


13. And letting their kids run rampant through the aisles as they calmly browse.

Universal Pictures

14. Attempting to barter, or complaining bitterly about the prices as if you personally set them.

Columbia Pictures

15. Asking for a bulk discount because they've bought four of something.

16. Saying, "Oh, that must mean it's free," and laughing like a drain when an item won't scan.


17. Tapping your shoulder while you're on the phone.

ABC Family

18. Coming in with a huge request five minutes before closing.


19. Getting to the front of the line and then deciding between two items — and THEN thoughtfully including you in the decision making process.


20. Forgetting their wallet and working it out after you've rung everything up.

Universal Pictures

21. Talking on the phone while you're helping them.


22. Telling the same jokes everyone ALWAYS tells.


23. And, finally, pulling their money from their sweaty bra or shoe right before handing it to you.


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