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19 Parental Struggles That Are All Too Real

It's like Fowl Language Comics guy IS you.

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1. They wear blinders 24/7 - unless you're trying to hide a chocolate bar. Then they're a friggin detective slash bloodhound.

2. The TALKING. So. Much. Incessant. Talking. ALLOFTHETIMES.

3. They hold a mirror up to your soul. Even when you wish they wouldn't.

4. They do the inexplicable. Every freaking day.

5. The silences can be deadly. For your stuff, and the pets.

6. They can be pretty *fowl* to hang with.

7. The mundane can so quickly become the ridiculous.

8. You go from cool to all about the rules.

Facebook: FowlLanguageComics

9. Your standards change. You know they shouldn't, but... peace.

Facebook: FowlLanguageComics

11. Sometimes, you try and taste the rainbow. Then reality kicks in.

Facebook: FowlLanguageComics

12. What IS the ideal number, anyways?

13. Liking fart jokes is a HUGE plus.

14. You become more obsessed with getting sleep just right than a freaking insomniac

15. You haven't lived until your kid comes home with a recorder.

16. The joy of standing behind someone that looks different to them at the checkout for the first time.

17. When pride meets the urge to be a really poor sport.

18. They have a radar for the tiniest swear. Often saving their first repeat for a super unfortunate time. Like lunch, at Grandmas. Or in front of a teacher/ policeman.

19. Then just as you're at the end of your tether, they love bomb you. Well played indeed.

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