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16 Inventions That Will Change Your Life.

You know you want it.

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Swiss army knife. As in, all-of-the-swiss-army-knives-in-one.


Now we have the definitive answer to the question: is there anything the Swiss Army can't do? Pretty sure I can see a kitchen sink and the Super Nanny on that sucker. This has 87 implements and 141 functions, and at $1.3k, time to start saving for when it comes back into stock.

Pickle slicer.

Get your hands on this versatile kitchen gadget for just over $40 - it might be designed for pickles, but you can use it on all kinds of fruit and veggies to make awes garnishes.

Training potty... for your cat.

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Sick of your cat peeing outside? Train him how to piddle on the big boy toilet in a matter of weeks.