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16 Inventions That Will Change Your Life.

You know you want it.

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Swiss army knife. As in, all-of-the-swiss-army-knives-in-one.


Now we have the definitive answer to the question: is there anything the Swiss Army can't do? Pretty sure I can see a kitchen sink and the Super Nanny on that sucker. This has 87 implements and 141 functions, and at $1.3k, time to start saving for when it comes back into stock.

Pickle slicer.

Get your hands on this versatile kitchen gadget for just over $40 - it might be designed for pickles, but you can use it on all kinds of fruit and veggies to make awes garnishes.

Squirt gun umbrella.


Probably not one to take shopping, pick your kids up from school and win all the cool-parent points in existence. Not currently available in Australia, you can get your hands on it from Amazon.

Dumbbell alarm clock.


Wake up and give me 30. For the person in your life that you really, really loathe - it doesn't switch off until you give it the curls. If you have a mean streak, you can get it from Oddity Mall.

7 Hook gliding pot holder.


Does your pots and pans cupboard make you Hulk out? Sick of getting a pot to the foot every time you go in there? Glideware has multiple options to turn your frown upside down.

Training potty... for your cat.

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Sick of your cat peeing outside? Train him how to piddle on the big boy toilet in a matter of weeks.

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