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If New York City Parks Were Characters In Shows About New York

So much personality in so little space.

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1. Central Park = Carrie Bradshaw

Central Park Mall In Autumn / Via

...Obviously. Central Park has the Upper East and West Sides at her fingertips, is super romantic, and is always dressed for the season. Plus she has almost unlimited space for shoes.

3. Morningside Park = Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Morningside / Via

Literally built into a jagged cliff, Morningside Park has always been a little rough around the edges. Nevertheless, it is a place NYC can get behind, just like the TMNT. Plus it's right next to Columbia University, so Art History 101 references are commonplace.

4. The High Line = Marnie Michaels


Young, hot, and almost self-aware, the thin park that bops through lower Manhattan's coolest neighborhoods without a care in the world is pretty much exactly like Allison Williams's character on Girls. Also, the High Line is the setting for the really intense moment with Marnie and avant-garde artist dude Booth Jonathan.

5. Gramercy Park = Mr. Big

Gramercy Park / Via

Exclusive and elusive to all but those who own coveted real estate on its perimeters, this pristine private park is the man of your dreams. You may or may not spend the rest of your life chasing him down, just like Carrie Bradshaw did.

6. Union Square Park = Tracy Jordan


An unpredictable prima donna located smack dab in the center of Lower Manhattan. Union Square has drum circles, sitar players, skateboarders, and several other talents just waiting to be discovered, just like 30 Rock's Tracy Jordan.

9. Riverside Park = D.A. Arthur Branch


Stately and unchanging, Riverside could easily be played by Senator Fred Thompson, the conservative voice of reason on several Law & Order franchises, including SVU, Criminal Intent, and Trial by Jury.

12. Bryant Park = Tim Gunn


Tim Gunn is always telling designers to "make it work" on Project Runway, just like Bryant Park did when it was home to New York Fashion Week. And yep, that's a picture of Tim Gunn IN Bryant Park, aka #META.

13. Prospect Park = Don Draper


Lacking the old money appeal of Central Park, Prospect Park has worked hard to build its own brand of irresistible mystique, not unlike the leading Mad Man. Now stroller-pushing mothers, picknicking hipsters, and random single people are flocking from all five boroughs to get a piece of him. Who could blame them?

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