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    26 Useful Things To Help Your Pet Burn Off All That Extra Energy

    "Get a pet," they said. "It'll be easy," they said.

    1. An interactive cat toy to get your kitty panting hard like a dog. It'll quickly replace the bin full of other playthings you've bought Alexander Hameowlton over the years...and that he now won't even look at.

    Reviewer photo of their cat standing on its hind legs to grab the toy
    Same reviewer's cat jumping in the air to grab the toy

    Promising review: "My 2-year-old playful and energetic Maine coon is obsessed with this toy. He will chase it nonstop and begs for us to take it out of the cabinet. I’m so happy we found something to burn off some energy aside from climbing the TV and tormenting our senior cat. He’s very strong, so this toy needed replacing after a couple months of hard play. I have no complaints. I’m just happy to have found something he loves." —Kelsey Heroux

    Get it from Amazon for $2.21.

    2. A floating flying disc made of a durable nylon so you can tire out your pup with lots of running back and forth...and back again.

    Promising review: "My shollie puppy LOVES this. She is very high energy, and destructive when bored. This toy keeps her happily busy for hours (and gives me exercise!), and has survived for three months now. To put it in perspective, this is the ONLY toy that has survived that long." —ADKhiker

    Get it from Amazon for $8.95 (available in five colors).

    3. A foam stick toy that floats for making sure your pup gets plenty of exercise no matter the terrain.

    A brown dog standing in a lake or pond holding the foam stick toy in its mouth
    A brown and white dog running in a field of grass with the stick toy in its mouth

    Promising review: "My 70-pound golden retriever is 16 months old and full of energy and loves to chew and destroy everything he chews on. I have learned to put up toys after playtime in the yard or pool. The Hyper Pet Chews has lasted a couple weeks and still looks good. A new record!" —Gene Brenner

    Get it from Amazon for $5.50+.

    4. A pack of matatabi chew sticks if you're tired of your cat clawing at the couch legs and chewing through cables. These sticks — matatabi is a plant native to Japan and a catnip alternative (great for kitties who show no interest in catnip!) — will provide an outlet for their destructive energy that isn't something valuable, like your very expensive leather shoes. Plus, the stick format helps keep their teeth clean.

    cat chewing on the stick

    MeowyJanes is a wonderfully named small business based in New Egypt, New Jersey. It specializes in catnip and catnip alternatives.

    Promising review: "I have two young Siamese mix cats that chew wires, shoes, wooden spoons. These chew sticks are perfect for them. They sniff the sticks, run on them, and then start chewing. My two cats that are over 10 years old just rub on them but don't enjoy chewing them. If you have a very active cat that does destructive chewing, these are a great substitute." —JEM4612

    Get them from Amazon for $9.97.

    5. A mounted brush that'll hold your cat's attention longer than any other toy. Just mount it to a corner with the included adhesive strips and watch as your beloved babies leave you for the warm embrace of this gray and white piece of plastic.

    Reviewer photo of a cat rubbing its face on the brush happily
    Reviewer holding a big chunk of fur showing how effective the brush is at loosening cat hair

    Promising review: "None of my cats like to play with toys and it was driving me nuts! They have so much energy but would get bored with any toy within days. I tried rotating them and interactive toys, anything and everything for hours and at different times. There is nothing that has kept my cats busy like these grooming tools! I have literally never seen any of them sit and mess with something for more than a few minutes but my cats will rub on this for like 20 minutes at a time. 100% worth the money!" —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $4.99.

    6. A challenging activity mat because it requires your pet's focus and undivided attention. It's not uncommon for pets who are not getting enough mental stimulation to become destructive and disruptive. With this, you can keep your doggos entertained and engaged, especially if you hide treats and kibble in it.

    The circular mat with felt fish and anemone
    DogNmat / Etsy

    DogNmat is a small business that makes the cutest snuffle mats and pooch accessories.

    Promising review: "My lil' dog absolutely LOVES her snuffle mat. She was flipping, shaking, forging, pawing it to get every treat. I had to help her get to some of the treats in some hiding places because I put the treats too deep in some places she couldn't get her nose to get it. I'll be ordering another one because another dog I take care of LOVES it too! Exceptional quality, vibrant colors, fun and mentally stimulating for my dog. Excellent customer service. Thank you so much!" —Chris Gray

    Get it from DogNmat on Etsy for $27.50+ (available with or without personalization).

    7. A surprisingly time-consuming treat-dispensing ball to keep your dog occupied and put their problem-solving skills to the test. Reviewers even suggest filling it with your dog's kibble if they're fast eaters as this will force them to slow down and may help with their digestion.

    The yellow and pink ball which has holes from which the treats fall

    Promising review: "My dog is a fast eater. This toy keeps her busy for hours trying to get treats out of the ball. I put larger pieces of treats inside to slow down kibble from coming out of the ball. It's larger than others so it doesn't get stuck under furniture." —Lauren Howroyd

    Get it from Amazon for $9.99.

    8. A ~wheelie~ practical leash extender for your bike so the whole family can stay active together.

    Promising review: "I absolutely love this product. We recently adopted a new dog who has endless energy. Walks and jogs weren't enough to keep her exercised. She absolutely loves this product. I can take her on bike rides much faster and longer than I could ever run. Even when she pulls or gets distracted it's not enough to pull my bike off course. Since my dog is on the shorter side (24 pounds) I just bought a short bungee cord with double carabineer ends to attach it to the pole and to her. I keep it short enough that she's not going to get in front of the tires. She stays an appropriate distance away on her own. In the very beginning she was scared of the bike and being that close to it (when we were stationary and I was hooking it up to the bike), but once we got moving she settled in. Now she's over-the-top excited when she sees me in bike clothes or sees my bike helmet. I feel sorry for her when I go on a bike ride by myself. I wound up buying a second bike attachment for my husband's bike too." —DMA

    Get it from Amazon for $79.98.

    9. Some calming bites for high-strung and high-energy pets that are designed to comfort and soothe without causing drowsiness. Use them before a long car ride if you know travel winds up your dog. Or give them a chew after dinner to help settle them before bed and prevent some 11 p.m. living room zoomies.

    Promising review: "We have two Great Dane puppies that get a burst of energy every day around 6 p.m. They run full speed through the house. We send them outside to play but it still doesn’t make them tired. We bought the calming treats and started giving them to the puppies around 6 p.m. and by 6:30 they were laying on the couch sleeping." —Smokey

    Get it from Amazon for $29.97.

    10. A mesh harness if your curious cat clamors for her afternoon walk. It has three layers of security so even the wiggliest cat will have trouble squirming out of it.

    A black and white cat sitting on a chair outside while wearing a pink harness
    A white and orange cat sniffing the air while wearing a black and orange harness

    Promising review: "I love it! I hate dog collars because I feel they choke my dog out. This harness is amazing. I have a 13.5-pound Pomeranian who has SO MUCH ENERGY and I haven’t had any issues with this so far. I love that it had both the Velcro patch and the clip for better security!" —J

    Get it from Amazon for $12.50+ (available in a sizes XS–XL and 16 colors).

    11. Chuckit! ball launcher that'll help you fling tennis balls farther than you could by hand, meaning your dog gets more of a workout with each throw. Plus you don't have to touch slobbery balls. (...That's what she said...?)

    Promising review: "I have a young golden retriever who would retrieve balls and frisbees all day long if my arm could take it. Now I can throw the ball a lot farther and for more throws, so he gets more exercise. Love that I no longer need to bend over to pick up the ball or have to touch a slimy, sandy, filthy ball! It's quite intuitive to use and within about three throws you'll have it down perfectly. You can also use regular tennis balls with it." —Pupspicacious

    Get it from Amazon for $4.71+.

    12. A glow-in-the-dark ball because playtime doesn't have to end when the sun goes down. It's compatible with tennis ball launchers, and reviewers say it's surprisingly durable.

    Promising review: "I initially ordered these because my dog loves to play fetch, especially to get her energy out, but by the time I got home from work it is dark outside. I bought these hoping that we could still play fetch in the dark. Sure enough it was the answer I was hoping for! They are very bright and can be seen in the dark. In order for them to be brightly illuminated and glowing, you have to hold them up to a light for a minute or so, but totally worth it. My dog just likes to just chew on them as well. She is an avid chewer, and the ball has not been damaged yet, and she has been playing with them for over a month. Highly recommend!" —Bruce Hathaway

    Get it from Amazon for $6.57.

    13. A calming diffuser kit for helping stressed out pets relax. This is especially useful if your fur baby is having trouble adjusting to new surroundings or has separation anxiety.

    Each kit comes with a diffuser and refill. This diffuser emits pheromones, which triggers a cat's endocrine system to release calming chemicals. Cats naturally produce these same pheromones, so you don't have to worry about your cat getting into potentially toxic ingredients.

    Promising review: "I can't believe how well this worked! We have a malamute puppy, very high energy, and he doesn't like it when my husband leaves the house. He calmed right down. I'm so amazed. I'm ordering refills now. P.S. it smells really good too!!!" —Jeana

    Get it from Amazon for $22.70.

    14. A pair of dog leggings (!!!!!) for keeping Fido's legs — not just his paws — protected from all the mysterious mucky stuff outside. Now he can play all day in the puddles and the mud until he tires himself out without you having to worry about your carpets paying the price.

    Dog wearing gray plaid leggings
    Walkee Paws

    Walkee Paws is a small biz started by pet owner Lisa Baronoff. You may have seen them on Shark Tank! Get 15% off site-wide with the code WALKEEBUZZ.

    Promising review: "I love the Walkee Paws. Unlike the other type of dog boots, these stay on her tiny feet. My little girl never liked walking in the rain or snow. The first time I put them on her inside the house, she was hesitant to walk but with a little coaxing she walked off the rug onto the wooden floor. When she realized that she didn't slip, she started acting silly running back and forth in the house. Now she loves walking in the snow and water puddles." —Cynthia C.

    Get them from Walkee Paws for $39.99 (available in sizes XS–L and in eight colors).

    15. A treat-dispensing toy if your dog is easily bored, food-motived, or both! The geometric design will cause it to roll and bounce in unexpected ways so playtime is always exciting and lasts for hours instead of seconds.

    The toy balls interlock so you can attach them for bigger dogs and to keep playtime fresh.

    Up Dog Toys is a family-founded small business.

    Get it from Up Dog Toys for $22.95.

    16. retractable hands-free leash that'll enable Fido to join you on your runs without you getting jerked all over the sidewalk.

    a person walking a trail wearing the leash connected to a medium dog
    a person in a wheelchair wearing the hands-free dog leash connected to two medium dogs