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    24 Gifts To Help You Bond With Your Family

    Including matching pajamas for everyone (including the dog) and a 4,000-piece puzzle that'll last you until 2020.

    1. A mother-daughter journal that'll almost definitely teach you something about your parent or child. It's filled with writing prompts, short quizzes, and plenty of room to jot down your thoughts and questions for each other.

    2. And a mother-son journal so your lil' dude doesn't feel left out of the fun. This one also comes with writing prompts, plus interactive lists and space for doodling.

    3. A hands casting kit for creating fun memories with your partner, parents, or kids. This gift will earn you a ~big hand~ (or three smaller ones).

    4. Or, a paw print kit and picture frame, because sometimes it's easier to get your pet to sit still than it is to stop your toddler from wandering off.

    5. A candy making kit to satisfy the whole family's sweet tooth. Each box comes with everything you need and will teach you how to make your own customizable candy.

    6. Or, a succulent cookie kit for the family with green thumbs — and a taste for something sweet. Everything's edible, including the candy rocks, so dig in!

    7. A indoor snowball fight in a tub so everyone can enjoy the fun of this childhood activity without the sting of actual ice. Each kit comes with 40 plush balls so there's plenty to go around, even if the dog claims a few of them.

    8. A deck of conversation starters, because mealtime discussions don't have to be a bunch of people asking each other, "So how was your day?" before settling into silence.

    9. A birthstone locket that'll never leave your mother's neck. It comes with 24 stones, two for each month of the year.

    10. A deck of naughty truth or dare questions to share with your sweetie. The tin is the perfect size for throwing in your bag if you're planning a holiday vacation and you want to make things spicy.

    11. The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook for any family that loves the franchise as much as Harry loves treacle tart, which is a recipe you can recreate thanks to this book.

    12. An indoor s'mores maker so the whole family can enjoy this campfire treat without actually having to go outside in the cold and chop wood or burning the house down with an open flame.

    13. A love letter blanket, because even the pettiest siblings can bond over writing a note for mom. And no holiday's complete until Mom cries!

    14. A scratch-off map to mark all the amazing places you've visited on family vacations — and to help you decide where to go next.

    15. A three-year question-and-answer journal that'll become an awesome family keepsake (and also a source of embarrassment for your kids when they look back and read their old answers).

    16. A Lego ship in a bottle for entertaining both adults and kids. It comes with 962 pieces so consider yourself occupied for the next few hours.

    17. A Jenga Giant game to get those competitive juices flowing. This is the perfect gift to break out after everyone's been sitting around doing nothing their entire holiday break.

    18. A set of personalized mugs so everyone will stop complaining about other people stealing theirs.

    19. A 4,000-piece puzzle that'll require the collective brain power of every member of the family (and maybe even the dog) to complete before Thanksgiving break is over.

    20. A Nintendo Switch, because there's a game for everyone. Plus, you can play it three ways — via the TV, using tabletop mode, or in handheld mode — so you can play as a family or on your own.

    21. A pair of matching pajamas for the whole family — including the dog — because your Instagram is missing this exact shot (posed in front of the Christmas tree, of course!)

    22. An adorable and basically tear-resistant stuffed duck to cement your bond with your pupper. This lil' yellow duck doesn't look like it, but it's built to withstand your furry destroyer.

    23. Codenames, a game that'll test the family's word association skills. Each team has a spymaster who gives one-word clues that relate to multiple words on the board. But you want to give clues that only your team will be able to guess.

    24. A family-friendly mystery subscription kit to excite every member of the family, even Dad whose usual response to just about anything is, "Mhmm. That's nice."

    Your family after trying anything on this list:

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