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    30 Oooh-Worthy Presents That'll Probably Still Surprise You Even If You're Sick Of Scrolling Through Gift Guides

    We dare you to finish reading this list without adding anything to your cart.

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    1. A spinning makeup brush cleaner to cut down the time it takes them to wash and dry their brushes (if they were even doing it all). Then they can spend all the time they've just saved telling you what a wonderful gift-giver you are.

    2. A mystery box of cat hats for the feline fan who adores dressing up their fur baby. Who knows, asserting your dominance and outfitting your cat with a BANANA hat may finally force him to accept your love.

    3. The Adventure Challenge: Couples Edition — a book of scratch-off dates so you can add some spontaneity to your relationship. Each activity is a surprise until you scratch it off. You'll also get an instant camera so you can snap a pic of all the fun you have during each challenge.

    The book with a photo of a happy couple

    4. A TikTok-famous 1,000-piece puzzle from The Magic Puzzle Company if they love twist endings. Not only is the illustration so beautiful that they'll probably glue and frame the puzzle when it's completed, but it also features 50 Easter eggs throughout *and* a magical twist that reveals itself once the puzzle is finished.

    close-up of a section of the puzzle showing its whimsical illustration style

    5. Or a 1,000-piece murder mystery puzzles that'll keep the whole family occupied for hours. And it's basically two gifts in one! Once you put together the puzzle, read the included booklet and try and figure out whodunnit.

    the puzzle, which features a scene with multiple people in a fancy-looking room looking at a dead body

    6. A handy puzzle board because they're big on puzzles but small on space. It has four drawers to store puzzle pieces and provides a large enough flat surface to put together a 1,500-piece puzzle.

    The wooden board

    7. A rock climbing mug to challenge your giftee's grip strength. This'll ~hold~ a special place in their heart *and* in the front of their cabinet so it's always the first mug they grab.

    8. A Lego version of "The Starry Night" for the artist in your life who would enjoy nothing more than making a 3D version of this iconic painting. This relaxing build will keep their fingers busy for hours, and when they're done they can absolutely proudly display their masterpiece. There's even a Vincent van Gogh minifig!

    model holding the completed build

    Promising review: "This is an incredible tribute artwork to "The Starry Night"! Love the depth and challenge of building shades of blue pieces. Pace yourself and compare colors to pieces in the instructions — you won't get lost. Relaxing and rewarding to build. The black frame is sturdy and includes a strong wall mounting notch in the back. There are elements of delight as you are building the set. Won't spoil it, but you will feel that moment! Impressive how the brick Lego blocks imitate the fluidity of the painting. "The Starry Night" set renewed my interest in both Lego and art. A fantastic piece of art history and about the designers of this set featured in the booklet. Love the Van Gogh minifigure, attached with a base that swivels horizontally (so Van Gogh can get that perfect painting angle!). The 3D depth is impressive with the village, stars, and the cypress tree popping out of the painting. Loved the touch of the transparent star glowing pieces too. Highly recommended and hope Lego continues to offer Lego art interpretations!" —Rivithead

    Shipping Info: In-stock items ship the next business day if you order by 12 p.m. EST. Standard shipping takes 3–5 business days, and expedited shipping is available for an additional cost. 

    Get it from Lego for $169.99.

    9. An Atlas Coffee Club subscription so they don't wake up one morning to make the horrifying discovery that they're out of java. They'll receive freshly roasted single-origin beans or grounds every two or four weeks, ensuring they're always properly caffeinated.

    Bags of coffee and mugs of coffee artfully arranged

    10. A pair of fleece-lined joggers if they're always complaining about being cold. These'll keep their legs nice and toasty.

    11. A Mickey Mouse cinnamon bun plushie that'll make their mouth water (he smells like funnel cake 🤤) and also turn them into the human embodiment of the heart eyes emoji. Some things are just so cute that the only reaction that makes sense in the moment is to scream...which I am currently doing right now.

    Mickey Mouse plushie that looks like a cinnamon roll

    Promising review: "Very cute plush toy. I bought this for a Christmas present. The kids are gonna love these. They are soft, cute, and smell good." —cheri32

    Shipping Info: Standard (5–7 business days), 2-day and next-day shipping is available for an additional cost. 

    Get it from Amazon for $34.99 (available in other designs and scents).

    12. A pound of cereal marshmallows, because they believe that the best part of Lucky Charms are the charms (and they're not wrong!).

    Reviewer holding the one-pound bag

    13. A set of 150 questions inspired by the Love Language test to deepen your connection, even if you and your S.O. have been together ~five-ever~.

    The deck, which includes questions like

    Promising review: "My boyfriend and I have been together for a really long time and this game was still so much fun! We played it after a night of drinking wine and cooking so we were pretty honest during these questions. We almost went through the whole deck in one sitting but finally put it away so we can play again." —Chelsbells32

    Shipping Info: Available on Amazon Prime with 1-day shipping, non-Prime shipping options will arrive by Christmas (see Amazon’s full shipping information here).

    Get it from Amazon for $24.95 (available in two styles).

    14. A pack of squiggly line nail wraps for the friend who's obsessed with this nail art trend but whose attempts look like a 3-year-old did it. These wraps don't need to dry, last forever according to reviewers, and come off with just water.

    pale pink nail wraps with black squiggly abstract lines on them

    15. A KiwiCo activity crate so your little (and not-so-little!) learners create, design, and solve. KiwiCo offers kits for ages 0–104, delivering science and art projects each month that'll keep their hands busy for hours.

    Child working on felt succulent kit

    16. The Garbage Pail Kids cookbook — yep, this exists! — if you wanna send the recipient on a trip down memory lane. It contains an intro by the legend himself, R. L. Stine, as well as 35 kid-friendly recipes like Nasty Nick's Garlic Snots and Dung Beetle Baily's Tasty Turds. (Never thought I'd type those words! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

    the cover

    Promising review: "I love this new idea for a kids cookbook. The pictures are clear and colorful. The instructions are fun and easy to follow. I am looking forward to cooking with my great grandchildren. I bought two books: one to keep at my house to use when they visit and another to send for them to have at their home. This book offers many projects for children/adults to have fun with." —MICHAEL G.

    Shipping Info: Available on Amazon Prime with 1-day shipping, non-Prime shipping options will arrive by Christmas (see Amazon’s full shipping information here).

    Get it from Amazon for $17.99.

    17. The Ultimate Reading Challenge, a book of 25 challenges (and rewards!) that'll encourage their inner bibliophile to explore new cultures, embrace diversity, and invigorate their creativity. Help them get through the "To Read" pile that grows taller by the day.

    the cover
    closeup of the envelopes, one of the challenges says

    Promising review: "I was so excited to get this. The book is very big, which I like. It is also super colorful. When I open it, it’s filled with all of these pockets with the challenges written on them and the rewards inside. I am a big reader and this is a fun journey to go on. I shared this with a friend of mine and she was very interested in it and wanted to get it for her daughter. Some of the challenges may need to be adjusted for ages, but you can easily just change the challenge. This is hard covered. Beautiful setup. This is going to be very fun and makes a great gift for yourself or for anyone else. And I’m really excited to see what the rewards are as I completed the challenges!" —GG

    Shipping Info: Available on Amazon Prime with 2-day shipping, non-Prime shipping options will arrive by Christmas (see Amazon’s full shipping information here).

    Get it from Amazon for $26.36.

    18. And an adorable bookmark book tracker because they'll need something to keep their place! Once they've finished a book they can experience the satisfaction of adding the name to their bookshelf.

    The book tracker, which looks like a blank book shelf and you can fill in the names of the books on the spine as you finish them
    British Book Art / Etsy

    British Book Art is a small business based in the UK that sells the most book art and bookmarks.

    Promising review: "I'm absolutely obsessed with this bookmark. It's definitely made me more determined to read this year and will be a nice keepsake. Will be repurchasing when this one's almost filled." —Mady Taylor

    Shipping Info: Processing takes 1–3 business days. Orders ship from the UK so delivery time varies based on your location.

    Get it from British Book Art on Etsy for $3.72.

    19. A Stedi Pedi to convince them that a salon-worthy pedicure at home *is* possible (because who wants to pay $50 to get their toes done?).

    Model with their painting their toes while using the foot rest

    20. Hand Lettering 101 for anyone wanting to improve their penmanship. Also, Meghan Markle did calligraphy before she met Prince Harry, and I'm not saying that this book will help them marry their own prince, but I'm also not saying that that is outside the realm of possibility.

    Photo from reviewer's book showing their artsy attempts to write party
    Another page from the book showing letter drills

    Promising review: "Not only is this introductory book beautifully put together, but the author also helps you to build your own beautiful style! She provides easy-to-follow guides and plenty of room to practice. Overall, she provides the tools a new hand lettering artist needs in their toolbox and references for different alphabet styles that I continuously look at to practice lettering. I’ve been practicing lettering for awhile and have picked up a couple of books here and there to practice with, but this book really took my hand lettering to the next level physically and with confidence. I also really appreciate that the author used good quality paper to practice on, as I’ve used other books with poor quality paper that has ruined some of my pens. Definitely recommend this to any and especially new hand letterers!" —Melissa

    Shipping Info: Available on Amazon Prime with 1-day shipping, non-Prime shipping options will arrive by Christmas (see Amazon’s full shipping information here).

    Get it from Amazon for $16.16.

    21. An instructional yoga mat so at-home yogis aren't looking around wondering what the heck is going on when the instructor says to get into Warrior 1. It's also great for more experienced yogis who want to practice proper hand and foot placement.

    The mat, which has yoga posts and hand placements mapped on the mat

    22. A adorable pencil pouch if their massive collection of pens and pencils is messily strewn across their desk. This will keep their expensive stationery pens and other art supplies neat and tidy. And if they just like cats, it's also great for holding makeup and phone accessories like a charger cable and earbuds.

    23. A National Geographic geode kit that'll make for a ~smashing~ gift. Now hand me those goggles, please!