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    15 Things Every "Big" Girl Is Tired Of Hearing

    We have no problem finding clothes that fit, going to the gym, or even mackin' on some hot dudes in the club. We do have a problem with all the haters out there, so we're here to clear some things up.

    1. "Have you ever thought about Nutrisystem...or some other diet?"

    "No I have not....STFU!"

    2. "Are you wearing that?"

    "Why, yes. I AM! And I look fabulous, honey!"

    3. "You're going to be huge when you're pregnant!"

    "Like....WHY would you even say that out loud?

    4. "Do you even exercise?"

    "Yes. I do. And even if I didn't, why is that any of your business?"

    5. "You are too young to be so overweight."

    "Bitch, you said WHAT? Now, leave me in peace while I eat this whole ice cream sundae by myself."

    6. "If you cut your hair too short, it will make your face look bigger."

    "I ain't worried 'bout nothin'."

    But, seriously....DO YOU REALLY THINK I CARE?

    7. "Do you have to shop at the "fat girl" stores?"

    Do you shop at the "ignorant, socially awkward girl" store?

    8. "I don't believe that you ever eat healthy."

    So what if I don't? It's my body. WHY DO YOU CARE?

    9. "Black is a good color on you. It's slimming."

    "Who are you...the Fat Girl Fashion Police?"

    10. "You were much skinnier in high school."

    "Yeah...I was. AND?"

    11. "Are you pregnant?"

    "Don't you think I would tell you that?"

    And if I don't know you, how is this an OK question to ask?

    12. "Is it harder for you to date because of your size?"

    "Is it harder for you to date because of your stupidity?"

    13. "Skinny girls can get away with that, but you can't."

    "And why is that exactly?"

    14. "Aren't you scared your health may be at risk?"

    "Whoa, there! Let me see that Ph.D., Doctor Know It All!"

    My business. End of discussion.

    15. "Are you happy with the way you look?"

    "Yeah..I am...what's it to ya?!?"

    In conclusion...

    Love yourself and shake off the haters. You are the only "you." Don't ever let anyone tell you any different.

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