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Moments That Will Make You Love Michael Jackson!

There are little moments that always make a true MJ fan sigh with delight. He was adorable at times, astoundingly sharp and talented at times, shy, quiet and also surprisingly funny and light-hearted. There will never be another quite like The King!

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Laugh Until It Hurts


Our Michael loved to laugh, and if you love him, you know exactly how beautiful his laugh was. He was childlike in his laughter, completely living in that moment of joy. You can literally find countless examples of brilliant laughter radiating from his face like the rays of the sun, energizing all around him. It seemed contagious!

He Always Helped Kids

A sick little boy named Farkas was able to widen his search for a new liver using Michael's connections. Although this is a very publicized event, many similar stories have barely been noticed. You can find some stories through researching the 2005 trial, which brings to light other children Michael had been helping in various ways.

Meaningful Songs About Humanity and the Environment


As an animal-loving kid, Michael's songs like Heal the World and Earth Song resonated deeply with me. Few artists devote as much creative juice to topics of the environment, conservation, animal welfare, child welfare, and third world countries as Michael did throughout his adult career. One of the last scenes in This Is It, the documentary of his doomed preparation for 50 concerts in 2009, has Michael pleading for us to be the change we desire in the world, for we only have a little time left before the damage is too great to be undone to our precious Earth.

He TRULY Loved His Fans, and Showed It Through His Actions

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He secretly visited fans who would regularly follow him around the world and camp outside of his dwellings. He would stop his motorcade to accept paintings and gifts. He'd say the sweetest things about the people who made up his fan base, and he truly meant them.

The above example shows letters he scrawled out to some loyal fans who he couldn't come visit on a particular night. The entire article can be found on

He Had Grace and Kindness in His Heart

One might assume that he would be very tired of cameras and staring strangers, but he remained humble and kind to his fans, no matter when, where, and how they came to meet him. Some believe he had a Messiah complex, but I believe that he knew how to create media attention and used it with abandon. The result is a mishmash of varying public personas that are confusing, to say the least. Listen to those who met him, knew him, or saw his loving actions firsthand. That is how you will come to know the real, and much more normal guy who hid beneath it all.

Sometimes He Was Shy


There is a certain telltale smile Michael always displayed when he was feeling embarrassed, overwhelmed and shy. Although dynamic and electric when performing, he was quiet when out of his element. The mobs of strangers, camera flashes, throngs of fans crying at his feet - understandably so, they could be terrifying to him. On occasions, he donned a surgical mask or sunglasses to cope with the anxiety, or otherwise he would turn his head away and cover his mouth with his hand.

Let's Let Loose and Play!


Many will never understand why or how a grown man could have the spirit of a child, but you can't claim that is wasn't so. He screamed, jumped, laughed and played as if he was 10 years old, and the complete joy in his heart is clear to see. Adults who became close to him embraced his playful nature as well, and you can find examples of very famous and glamorous people letting their guard down in his company. He must have been amazingly fun to be around... I always dreamed of being there beside him.

He Loved Animals

Sources claim that Bubbles the Chimp was a media stunt, and I've come to feel that Michael sure did play the media like a fiddle at times. It largely backfired on him in the end, but from childhood he did keep a collection of pets. He liked zoo animals and kept a private menagerie at Hayvenhurst, and then Neverland. I like to think back to the little boy who loved the pet rats who lived in his bedroom.

He Wrote Incredible Music


Michael once said that he sat high up in a tree and looked down through the branches, writing the lyrics to Speechless. It seems fantastical and romantic, to imagine this entertainment master being inspired in such unorthodox places. It was very Michael-y of him, to look for magical moments of artistic brilliance. He said that his music was composed from beyond and gifted to him by God, and he certainly made the world feel the power of the divine in his work.

A Loving Dad


Now that he's gone, his children have been unveiled and are at the mercy of their father's fame. They've shared a little about what it was like to be Michael's children, and have expressed how much they love him. He was a devoted father, by all accounts, and did his best to raise them well. They were shielded from the public, traveled around the world with their dad, and had a life that was in one way more magnificent than average, and in another way, lonelier and very sheltered. Suddenly, with his death, a new reality swept upon them. We all hope that these beautiful kids find their place in the world and continue to live a life focused on LOVE, which is what their dad was all about.

He Had a Light and an Aura Around Him That Was Physically Palpable

Oprah said she wanted to bask in his light, the light that sucks you in and makes you want to be his friend. She was trying to explain the ethereal, divine quality of Michael's energy. To best describe this, I give you a first-hand account:

"This, I promise, is how you will react when you meet Michael Jackson: you'll stare, you'll start, you'll step up and you'll freeze. Everyone does the same thing - fans, celebrities, journalists, children, parents, shoppers, waitresses, prime ministers, prime ministers' bodyguards ...

First you look. Michael has the most arresting appearance of any man I ever saw. It isn't only the face and the clothes. It's the aura. But before you have taken that in, you'll start to move towards him. Instinctively.

You take a step or two, and freeze. It's like being hit by a wave of awareness, first of all pushing you forwards and then stopping you cold in the backwash. "Oh my God it's Michael Jackson" and then "Oh! My God. It's Michael Jackson ..."

I've been in the massive lobby of an international five-star hotel when Michael walked in, and I've seen the wave sweep over 70 people - not only the super-rich and the professionally cool, but the porters and receptionists and bell-boys. The people nearest him moved, and then froze. Further away, people turned, and moved, and froze, while some of those nearest began to move again. It was like a century-old fragment of celluloid, the lobby suddenly silent and the air flickering, crackling, as people moved in jerks and lurches. Michael simply smiled and pressed his hands together in greeting."

-Uri Geller

People would say, "Michael's coming," and everybody got nervous. As soon as you had the vision of him, even just knowing he was coming, you felt something, like a tingle happening. Just to watch him walk through the door, it's like all the molecules in the air stop and you can pinch them with your finger; pick them up. It's like you could see the smallest speck; you could see the molecules in the air when Michael walked in the room. He changed them; the molecular structure of the air. And that's the equation of what happens when Michael enters, and everybody in the room felt it and knew it. Then their attitudes and personalities would change. They would perk up their attention, but they would always say, "There's something with him. When he came in I got nervous. I felt something!" And I would hear that over and over again and I would say, "I know, I know. I've been feeling it for thirty years."

And he was just so pleasant; just something with his imagery. Everybody radiates from a different frequency, and Michael had the highest level of energy I think without being from another world. His gift and his humanity of spirit were just so powerful and great and deep. He was a different human being from most of us; from all of us. He did affect everybody that came around him, from leaders of the world to normal folk, from children to people, grandmothers. Every single person that's been around him said they felt something, that I remember seeing or talking to.

-Jonathan Sugarfoot Moffett

He Always Perservered

Never be shy about expressing your love for Michael Jackson. Amid all of the controversy, scandals, rumors and allegations, this sweet guy quietly trod ahead with his head held high. He fell apart twice in his life, when the allegations came, but after taking time to regain his strength, he always returned to the place he truly belonged: the spotlight.

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