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Happy National Donut Day!

Here are the yummiest and most exotic donuts to make you want to get your nom nom on!

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1. The Classic Glaze


2. The Always Amazing Chocolate Sprinkles

3. The Reliable Vanilla Sprinkles

4. The Pretty In Pink

5. The Zebra

6. The I Love You

7. The Rainbow Brite

8. The Twinkling Star

9. The Cookie Monster

10. The Do You Want To Build A Snowman?

11. The Oh Mickey You're So Fine

12. The Meta Mickey

13. The Angry But Delicious Birds

14. The Rare Peep On A Flower

15. The Rein-don't-mind-if-I do

16. The Mother Of All Donuts


17. The Bacon Lover

18. The Donut Breakfast Sandwich

19. The Ice Cream Donut Sandwich

20. The Donut Sundae

21. The Crochet Donut

Caution: DO NOT EAT

Caution: DO NOT EAT

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