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    22 Trapper Keepers You Still Miss

    These beauties hold up! Which Trapper Keeper did you have? Leave it below in the comments . . .

    1. The Red Lamborghini

    2. The Purple Palm Tree

    3. The Rainbow O'Hearts

    4. This Futuristic Odyssey

    5. The Shell Collection

    6. These Kittens

    7. More Kittens

    8. These Puppies

    9. The "Take On Me" Inspired Sports Car

    10. Sonic The Hedgehog

    11. The Rock 'N Roll

    12. The Shoes Were Made For Jammin'

    13. The Video Rock

    14. This Liquid Metal/ Capri Sun Inspired One

    15. The Neon Heart

    16. The Horse

    17. The Maui

    18. The Shades

    19. The Touchdown!

    20. The Inkblot

    21. The Zebra

    22. The Tiger

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