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Venezuela is in turmoil with its people / Via

Venezuela has been experiencing riots due to high inflation, crime, and a shortage of important goods. The people of Venezuela, especially students, are protesting vehemently. The Venezuelan government, led by President Nicolas Maduro, claims that protests have been violent and it will not allow such aggressions. Opposing sides say that they have been rioting peacefully, and that the riots have only turned violent when law enforcement stepped in.

Uganda's president recently signed anti-gay bill


Against the publicly known wishes of President Barrack Obama, Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni signed a law that created even harsher penalties for homosexuality, a lifestyle that is already illegal in Uganda. "Some of the penalties include 14 year imprisonment for first time offenders and life sentences for second time offenders of aggravated homosexuality" states the Washington Post. The Post goes on to say that it is also illegal to not report anyone witnessed performing homosexual acts, making it mandatory that homosexuals live secret lives.

Ukraine ousted former President Viktor Yanukovych. / Via

Viktor Yanukovych is wanted for the "mass killings" of civilians, and the Ukraine is currently in the process of forming a new government. In his last speech to the public, he refused to be ousted and vowed to fight the verdict, before proceeding to go missing. The ousting came after many protests were held in the country which inevitably led to violence. Currently, people are waiting to see how Russian president ally Vladimir Putin will react to the news, and are limiting travel to and from the Ukraine in hopes of catching Yanukovych. Hopefully this ousting will turn a new era for the Ukraine with a stabilized government.

Iceland withdrew its bid to European Union


During government elections, it seemed as though Iceland joining the EU was inevitable. The European Union is a multi-national partnership between European countries that meet and discuss economic cooperation. The Icelandic government has withdrawn its application without utilizing a referendum and its citizens have taken to the streets in anger. Though a majority of Iceland's citizens are against its membership, many have joined the protest due to their disagreement with the governments flip-flopping.

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