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16 Stages Of Giving Yourself Bangs And The Regret That Immediately Follows

Because it always seems like a great idea.

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1. When you have no money, a quick bang trim with your kitchen scissors seems like a pretty good (and budget friendly) idea.

Apatow Productions / Via

2. You want to make sure it's perfect though, so you spend hours scrolling through pictures of celebrities to find the perfect hair-spiration.


You know you won't magically turn into Jennifer Lawrence, but a girl can dream, right?

3. You watch countless instructional YouTube videos and stand in front of the mirror with your hair in weird places to see how it will look.

Paramount Pictures / Via

4. But you lose confidence in your novice hair trimming abilities, and liquid courage is introduced to get you back on track.

Bravo / Via

5. "Yeah, I think I can do this. Why not? It's just hair! How hard can it be?"

Paramount Pictures / Via

"I hope I did that right."

6. Very soon after, doubt starts to rear its ugly head.

Fox / Via

"I thought I'd look... different." Unfortunately, we are not all Zooey Deschanel.

7. And it's quickly followed by deep regret and overwhelming sadness.

Fox / Via

8. But at this point, you're still relatively optimistic. You take a shower with the hopes that washing and styling your newly cut hair will make you beautiful again.

Olive Bridge Entertainment / Via

"It only looks weird because my hair is greasy and I haven't done anything with it in days!"

9. Drumroll please...

NBC / Via

10. ...

The CW / Via

11. Nope. You hate your hair and you hate yourself.

"Why, me, why?!"
NBC / Via

"Why, me, why?!"

12. And lacking the necessary skills to fix the mess you've made, you're forced to spend money you don't have on a hairstylist to fix your mess.

Hanna-Barbera Productions / Via

Face palm.

13. And there are tears. So many tears.

Republic / Via

14. But don't worry, soon the sadness will disappear. You will learn how to rock a hat and start to accept your brand new look.

MTV / Via

And in the grand scheme of things, people only really care how they look.

15. Because, hey, things could be worse. At least you aren't this girl.

16. And we'll cheers to that!

Chernin Entertainment / TSG Entertainment / Via

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