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39 Hot Guys And Their Adorable Pups

It's National Dog Day! Here are some hotties with their No. 1 furry friends.

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1. This hottie and his cuddle companion.

2. This cutie and his backpacking buddy.

3. This fella and his bully breed beauty.

4. Adam Levine sitting sweet with this pooch.

6. This guy and his pint-sized friend.

8. Tom Hardy and this lovable St. Bernard.

9. This dreamy Chippendales cast member and his snuggle monster.

10. Can you imagine waking up to this?

11. Dreamboats. All three of them.

12. These sweet faces are everything.

16. This guy and the belly scratches he gives!

17. This bad boy and his pint-sized partner in crime.

18. Tyson Beckford looking fine as hell with this cutie.

19. Can't handle the hotness.

21. My heart just broke into tiny pieces.

22. Can't get enough of these two.

25. This guy and his snuggly snuggles.

26. Can I go for a ride too?

32. These handsome guys who have incredible selfie game.

35. This guy and his sweet kisses.

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