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    8 Types Of Friends You Want In Your Late Twenties

    'Cause friends are forever.

    1. The High School Friend

    Nickelodeon / Via

    Why: This friend writes on your Facebook wall, tweets you, AND sends you a text on your birthday. You may not talk everyday any more, but when you do see them, everything's just perfect.

    Bonus Points: They save you from awkward family gatherings when you're visiting your hometown because, well, you “have to go get drinks with them since you only see them once a year.”

    2. The Emergency Happy Hour Friend

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    Why: This friend has the psychic power to tell when you need a good, stiff drink after a long day. You need them in your life to help justify a second glass of chardonnay on a Tuesday night.

    Bonus Points: These friends make the best “Saturday night in your late 20’s” friends… usually those nights consist of throwing major shade at everyone who's younger than you in the bar.

    3. The Complainer Friend

    Paramount Pictures / Via

    Why: They complain to you, and you complain to them. There is nothing too big or too small, and they totally get it (or at least they pretend to, which is just as fine). It's the world’s most perfect symbiotic relationship.

    Bonus Points: Neither one of you complain about the other one who's complaining about complaining. Yeah.

    4. The "Not Involved" Friend

    Fox / Via

    Why: Though this friend isn't part of your inner circle, they're a friend who knows all the major players and can give advice that is oddly spot on. They are like your friendship cootie catcher. They are imperative for sanity.

    Bonus Points: They’re really fun to bring around said “inner” circle and watch them interact.

    5. The Competitive Friend

    E! / Via

    Why: They are the friend whom you might stalk on various forms of social media, just to make sure they haven’t won a Nobel Peace Prize or something overnight. Their accomplishments push you and your accomplishments push them.

    Bonus Points: The world is definitely a better place because you are trying to outdo each other.

    6. The Group Text Friend(s)

    NBC / Via

    Why: Because everyone needs to share those random Facebook links, hilarious gifs, and funny stories, and this group of friends won't judge. Super random, super hilarious, and super sporadic group texts are heartwarming.

    Bonus Points: Unlimited texting. Remember the world without it? (Oh, sorry... can’t text you 'cause I’m over my 100 text limit for the month).

    7. The "Drop Everything" Friend / Via

    Why: This friend would drop anything to come and help you, and you would likely return the favor. It’s great to have these friends, especially at two in the morning when you get a flat tire or get a random text from your crush.

    Bonus Points: You get paid in alcohol and pizza.

    8. The Work Friend

    Oliver Bridge Entertainment / Via

    Why: Where all of your other friends lack, this friend makes up. You can talk about work, personal life, the life that you wish was were your personal life, and so on.

    Bonus Points: This friendship normally includes some after work drinks or random Wednesday baked goods because the other person “was in the mood”. Basically, this person is your savior.