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6 Personal Finance Apps To Help Get Your Money Right

It's mine, I spend it. But only after consulting one of these apps.

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1. Check

Via iTunes is a handy app that does keeps track of all of your bill due dates, in an attempt to help you maintain solid credit and the quiet yet free-wheeling lifestyle of the adult you strive to be. It consolidates all of your accounts in one place, so you can see easily what's due when, and you can pay everything from in the app itself.

2. Mint

Via iTunes

Mint will keep track of your bills, your bank accounts and your credit score, in an easy, relatively intuitive interface. You can set alerts to have the app tell you when you're over your own personal budget for things like food, transportation or shopping, and you can set savings goals for yourself, too. This is useful for just about anyone who wants to keep an eye on their spending, without feeling stressed about it.

3. You Need A Budget

Via iTunes

YNAB is less of an app and more of a system, designed to retrain your brain in how it thinks about budgeting and saving money, based on 4 very important rules that are easy and actually make sense. It's actually software that very rudely costs $60 to use in full, but get the free trial and see if it's something you can jive with. The app, which only works if you have the desktop client, will let you enter transactions on the fly, adjust your budget as you go, and you know, continue to live your life in a fiscally responsible fashion.

4. Spendee

Via iTunes

This app simply lets you see just what you're spending your money on by keeping a clean, readable and pretty log of spending and earning. There's also some handy charts that let you keep an eye on just how much of your hard earned cheddar goes towards iced coffee and cookies. You can also add transactions on the fly.

5. Wally

Via iTunes

Wally will keep track of your spending and show you fancy charts, just like the rest of the apps, but what it will ALSO do is let you take a picture of your receipts and categorize that spending without you having to lift a finger. BRILLIANCE.

6. Saver

Via iTUnes

Another beautiful, easy to use app to keep track of spending and stuff, but this one will also let you adjust for whatever currency you might be working with, which is a nice bonus if you are a fancy international traveler. If you're just a regular person, this is a good, bare-bones way to keep your money under control.

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