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Top 10 Countdown Of Australian Sweet Treats

Australians all let us rejoice, for we are girt by deliciousness

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10. Marvellous Creations


A new product offering from Cadbury Australia, Marvellous Creations are robust chocolate blocks which come in six different varieties containing diverse ingredients like popping candy, jelly beans, gummi bears, marshmallows and banana chips. They were launched in mid-2012 and have become incredibly successful, spurring the introduction of a Marvellous Creations range for the UK market. These are worth moving to Australia for. Immediately.

8. Fairy Bread


Sometimes simple is best. Go to any children’s party happening around the nation and chances are that Fairy Bread will be one of the offerings. Kids love eating it, and parents love making it. Take a slice of fresh white bread. Spread with butter. Cover with 100s and 1000s. Done. What it lacks in nutritional value, it makes up for in tastiness and fun.

7. Iced VoVos


This biscuit was mentioned by Kevin Rudd (former Australian Prime Minister) in his 2007 election speech, guaranteeing resurgence in this popular snack and securing Iced VoVos’ place as an iconic Australian treat. What are Iced VoVos? They are wheat flour biscuits with a strip of raspberry jam down the middle and two strips of pink marshmallow-esque fondant down the sides, all covered in coconut. Indulge in a VoVo or two when you need a break from running the country.

6. Golden Gaytime


An iconic toffee and vanilla ice cream which is dipped in chocolate and covered with honeycomb biscuit pieces. It tastes like an Australian summer, but minus the sweat and dust. Procure one, get to a beach as the sun is blazing overhead and live the dream.

5. Tim Tam


Probably the most famous Australian biscuit, partially thanks to Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman awkwardly eating them on Oprah when promoting the movie Australia back in 2008. Tim Tams are comprised of two layers of chocolate biscuit sandwiched between a creamy chocolate filling and then covered with chocolate for good measure. Warning: it’s very easy to eat a whole pack of these. They are just too delicious.

4. Pavlova


At Christmas in Australia you are more likely to find a pavlova on the table than a boring old plum pudding. Pavlova is a meringue based dessert covered with fresh cream and fruit, loved by the masses and probably spurned by dentists. I should mention that its Australian-ness is hotly contested by Kiwis who stake claim to the creation of the pavlova (granted we did steal Russell Crowe and Crowded House). Regardless, we do know it was created in honour of Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova when she visited Australia and New Zealand in the 1920s.

3. Lamingtons


Ahh the national cake of Australia and pride of many a school tuckshop. First, imagine a light as a feather sponge cake (in a square shape to be specific). Now picture said sponge cake covered in a thin layer of chocolate icing and covered with desiccated coconut. And there you have it – the perfect morning or afternoon snack. If there ain’t lamingtons at a high tea or bake sale, it’s just un-Australian.

2. ANZAC Biscuits


ANZAC biscuits are popular all year around but are particularly prominent on ANZAC Day (April 25) which commemorates the members of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) who fought in World War 1. The ANZAC biscuit was made by Australian women during the war to be sent to the soldiers. The ingredients are basic (rolled oats, flour, coconut, sugar, golden syrup, butter and bicarb soda) but meant they wouldn’t spoil during transportation. They are chewy, sweet and patriotic.

1. Cherry Ripe


Fact: Cherry Ripes are the most popular chocolate bar in Australia. They are also Australia’s oldest chocolate bar, delighting Aussies since the 1920s. Cherry Ripes contain juicy cherries and moist coconut and are covered in thick dark chocolate. Decadent and thirst-inducing, sure, but worth it.

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