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Hey Arnold's Lane Toran Is Hot, But His Wife Is Hotter

Meet Jaclyn Betham.

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The world collectively developed hearts for eyes when this article posted yesterday morning. But, the voice behind the beloved cartoon character has more than just a pretty face. He has a really really pretty spouse.

Like, really pretty.


Like, prettier than a movie star. And she kind of is one, with her own IMDb page and everything. But, she's also a ballerina.

Put these two together and your eyes practically fall out.

I mean it almost hurts to look, but we will...

Seriously, life feels fair because they met. The two most attractive people ever should absolutely be together.

As if we didn't want to be her the second we found out she's married to him, this photo makes it official. Mrs. Hey Arnold, we want to be you.

Her elegance.

Her #relationshipgoals already met.

Her style.

Her ability to pull off all hair colors.

Her perfected model stare.

Her talent.

Ok maybe just every single thing about her makes us a little bit jealous.

She lives a fairytale IRL.

She spins like the sun itself.

She shines like the sun itself

She rises like the sun itself.

I'm just going to go ahead and say we should probably stop, it's not good to stare at something this bright for this long.


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