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Meet T-Rex, The Two-Legged Chiweenie Who Will Steal Your Heart

Half the legs, twice the cute. There's just no getting around it.

This is T-Rex.

He's a chiweenie that was born with only two paws.

His siblings were born normally, but T-Rex knew that his differences only made him cuter.

Even though he was born special, he doesn't let that get in the way of being an adorable, rambunctious puppy.

Here he is playing with his mom. SO CUTE.

Here he is chowing down on some noms. ALSO SUPER CUTE.

Here he is chillin' on the bed, looking for some snuggles.

And here he's just a little too snuggled up for his liking.

T-Rex has a BFF named Matilda. She's cool.

Sometimes she tries to imitate T-Rex and he has to firmly tell her that no, she's just not as special as him.

Because only HE is the master of the two-legged hop... and of the snuggles he very much deserves after a hard day's work.

It's really tough being THIS cute ALL THE TIME.

You think this level of adorableness just happens on its own? Think again.

This nonchalant pose, complete with gigantic irresistible ears, has been practiced for HOURS in order to get to this point.

So kindly step back and recognize the greatness before you that is T-Rex.

You have to admit that he's pretty darn great.

There's just no denying that face anything.

ESPECIALLY when he looks at you like this.

And so we salute T-Rex for being so goshdarn adorable, and so tough and strong!