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    16 Lorises That Are, Quite Frankly, Shocked

    No one gets surprised like a loris gets surprised.

    1. Lorises have the tendency to get a bit riled up when they're surprised by something. Here we see a couple of baby lorises after they just found out Bruce Willis's character was dead the whole time.

    2. And here are a couple after learning about the NSA spying on them.

    3. This baby loris just learned that Dumbledore is gay.

    4. And this potto, close relative to the loris, just learned how close to extinction his species is.

    5. And this little guy just learned about the drama that happened at the party last night.

    6. He was just told that his dad isn't his real father.

    7. And she was just told how babies are made.

    8. This little guy was just informed of the pop quiz that was about to take place in class.

    9. This guy was not expecting the trees to be so far away from each other.

    10. And this one just learned about the illegal trading of lorises as pets.

    11. She was just told what Kimye's baby's name is.

    12. And she was just told how much gas costs nowadays.

    13. This little guy just learned that lorises are the only mammals with a venomous bite.

    14. And this loris was just informed that yes, there is a man standing right behind him. Right now. No really.

    15. This gal just walked in to find a surprise party in her honor!

    16. But this little baby loris? He knew everything all along. No surprises here!