Animals Being Way Too Lazy For Their Own Good

Just because they’re cute doesn’t mean they shouldn’t pull their own weight around here. I mean really. The nerve!

1. This puppy fell asleep in the middle of a walk. A WALK. How does that even happen?!

2. “I’m gonna getcha! Here I Come! Eh, wait, never mind. Too much effort.”

3. “Just go on without me!” he cried. “I’m just dragging you down anyway!”

4. Nothing to see here, folks. Just a baby marmoset napping on a stuffed owl. Get a job, baby marmoset. You have too much free time.

5. 10 minutes later this sloth finally grabbed the tree with its left paw.

6. “Yes, I KNOW it’s two blocks away, but we’re driving there. End of discussion.”

7. This cat plans on studying by osmosis. No, it doesn’t work.

8. “All right, let’s go. Yes, I’m staying up here. You just go about your business and I’ll jump off when you get to my food.”

9. This meerkat mom was so lazy she couldn’t even handle her own babies and put a stuffed stand-in to take her place. Way to phone it in, Mom.

10. “Hey! While you’re in there, could you grab me a beer? What? Well yeah, I COULD get it myself, but I don’t want to…”

11. There’s a Law & Order marathon on. She hasn’t looked away from the screen for fifteen episodes.

12. I think this speaks for itself.

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