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Why Flynn Rider And Kristoff Are The Same Person

The just seem to be so similar and here's some reasons why

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They are both loners / Via

They both seem to like to wander around alone or in Kristoff's case with a reindeer.

They both like the outdoors / Via

They both like to wander around outside aimlessly

What do they do for a living? / Via

All we know is that Flynn is a wanted thief / Via

And that Kristoff runs around selling ice?

They both have awkward moments / Via

When meeting their princesses for the first time

They both deny their princesses at first / Via

But Rapunzel and Anna force Flynn and Kristoff to help them which they reluctantly do.

They both have their own journeys with their princess / Via

Flynn Rider takes Rapunzel to see the floating lights / Via

Kristoff helps Anna find her sister

They both say "Don't worry about me"

They both quickly fall in love

Both princesses help with an attack

They both have an animal friend / Via

Kristoff has Sven / Via

And Flynn has Maximus

The animals both help Flynn and Kristoff / Via

Maximus helps Flynn get to Rapunzel's tower to save her from Mother Gothel / Via

Sven helps bring Kristoff to save Anna

Both their princesses are not experienced with the outside world / Via

Rapunzel has been stuck in her tower for her whole life


Anna has been inside her castle for most of her life

They both kiss their princess in the end / Via

and live happily ever after

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