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Pretty Girl Receives Panda Facts For 100 Days On Bumble

A guy didn't know how to talk to a girl on Bumble so he sent her panda facts for 100 days.

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Chrissy Ganci a 21 year old student had never had luck in the dating department. She decided to join Bumble a few months ago. She matched with imgur user msang12321.


Chrissy messaged him on Christmas and according to her "things escalated from there."

Apparently he doesn't know how to talk to girls. So he decided to send Chrissy daily panda facts.


In the beginning, Chrissy didn't think about it. According to Chrissy her responses were all genuine, "I could see how my responses sounded sarcastic to someone from the outside, but they weren't! What is a girl to say in response to a panda fact? I tried to be kind and enthusiastic in my answers. Again, I thought it was hysterical. There were days when I looked forward to my panda fact"

Chrissy did not keep track of how many days she had been receiving panda facts but she knew it had been a long time.


Chrissy has never had anything against pandas, "I always thought pandas were cute, but not to the extent that Michael feels about pandas I guess!"

When asked if talked about anything other than panda facts Chrissy said, "We never talked about anything else! He would send a fact and I would respond and then nothing until the next day!"

Chrissy had hoped, "that after the 100 day mark that he would ask me about myself, but that was it."


She heard about the "100 Days of Panda Facts" viral story from a friend from high school and has confirmed that she was the girl receiving all those panda facts.

In the end Chrissy was not asked out by Michael


She sent him a link to one of the articles and he has not yet responded. Maybe she will meet her match one day!

You can follow her on Instagram @chrissayyganci and on Twitter @ChrissyGanci

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