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    20 Things Only A Dance Moms Fan Would Know

    Stuff that only us Dance Moms fans would understand

    1. You cringe whenever Abby says that Cathy will be at the competition the upcoming weekend.

    2. You love when Nick Dobbs dances with the girls

    And you know the exact dances he's been in "Twilight" and "Your Dream Will Be My Dream"

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    3. You remember Abby setting up Brooke on two dates over the course of the show.


    One with Brandon and one with Kevin despite her rule of “No boys allowed.”

    4. You know that Kendall is not an original member but came in Season 2 and was the replacement for Vivianne.

    5. You know that officially every dancer has forgotten a dance at some point during the show.


    Who could forget Maddie running off the stage and crying in New Jersey and Brooke during the “Rosa Parks” group dance.

    Who could forget Maddie running off the stage and crying in New Jersey.

    6. According to Abby, second is the first to lose.

    7. You get excited when someone is on top of the pyramid that isn’t Maddie.


    8. You don’t understand why Cathy relies so much on her nine year old daughter Vivianne’s opinion.


    She thinks she’s expert on dance when in reality she just wants to eat tacos.

    9. You know that Chloe’s sister is named Clara after Clara in “The Nutcracker.”

    10. You know that when Kelly, Brooke and Paige’s mom was a kid she danced for the Abby Lee Dance Company

    But she eventually quit dance and became a cheerleader.

    11. You have a favorite and least favorite group dance of all time.

    View this video on YouTube / Via

    My favorite is “Living with the Ribbon.”

    View this video on YouTube / Via

    My least favorite is "I See the Kite Flying."

    12. You know that the Paige, Chloe, and Maddie trio group has been together since they were 4.

    They have placed first overall in every trio except for one dance in Season 2.

    13. Abby never did the pyramid of rating the girls each week until the show started.

    14. You know that Dr. Holly is voice of reason among the moms and the calmest

    Usually but can have her moments. Who can forget when she called Abby a “Monstrosity of Evil.”

    15. Everyone knows that Maddie is Abby’s favorite

    Even though Abby still won’t admit it.

    16. The cast of Dance Moms will not know what will be on the show before it airs on television.

    17. You know that the girls are all close and love each other like sisters.

    Abby and the moms are the ones who push the competitiveness between them.

    18. All of the moms and dancers are not paid to be on the show.

    If they got paid they would be considered professional dancers and would not be able to compete at dance competitions.

    19. You know that the judges look at the dancer’s technique more than the choreography.

    20. We watch the show for the girls and their dancing but seeing the drama is an extra bonus.

    All the girls are extremely talented despite what Abby says.

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