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Share A Money Milestone That You're Really Proud You Hit (And How You Were Able To Do That)

Whether it was something big or small, this is your time to celebrate!

When it comes to our money, many of us tend to fixate on our mistakes. Sure, thinking about our mistakes can be educational, but it's just as important to celebrate our successes too! It takes hard work to make progress, so don't let your achievements go unrecognized.

So with that in mind, I'd love to hear all about any money milestone "big" or "small" that you're really proud of reaching — plus any tips, habits, or tools that helped you do it.

Maybe you want to celebrate the fact that you recently opened your first high-yield savings account to help you build up your emergency fund. You've got your first $100 stashed away and you're so proud of yourself for starting a new saving habit.

Or perhaps by cutting some expenses and picking up a side hustle you paid off that credit card that's been stressing you out for a couple years. Now that you're not racking up interest charges on it every month, you have so much more room in your spending plan and you feel free!

Or maybe you got up the courage to ask for a raise and your boss said yes! You were really nervous going in to the negotiation, but you made notes about your work wins and carefully planned what you were going to say. Now that you've got your answer, you feel valued and more confident to ask again in the future.

Share your successes and the ways you achieved them in the comments below and you could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!

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