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Tell Us The Worst Mistake That Terrible Flippers Made On Your Home

That feeling when half of the taps in your house were installed backwards and you no longer know which knob is hot and which one is cold...

Home flippers make their money by buying fixer-uppers, making them look nice, and then renting them out or reselling. But sometimes, those little cosmetic fixes can hide some seriously annoying problems. And whether you bought a house or you're a renter, you might find yourself at some point living with a sloppy home flipper's poor decisions.

contracter working in a kitchen

So if you live in a poorly flipped home, we want to hear from you about the weirdest and most annoying things that the flippers did wrong.

Maybe you discovered that the flippers in your home cut a lot of corners. For example, you were cleaning your kitchen one day and some of the trim fell off of the cabinets. On closer inspection, you realized that it had been stuck on with double-sided tape.

white kitchen with granite countertops and stainless appliances

Or perhaps the people who flipped your house made a mistake that wound up costing you a ton of money to fix. Before you bought it, you were told that the plumbing had just been redone. But a few months later, you discovered that only certain parts had been repaired and there were pipes leaking inside your walls that caused a very unpleasant mold problem.

rusted leaky pipes

Or maybe you live in a rental home that was "updated" by your landlord before you moved in, but the new appliances and fresh paint are hiding the fact that the building itself is really poorly maintained. If it was up to you, you'd much rather they fix the drafty doors and windows that let all the cold winter air in than buy every unit a new refrigerator.

man wearing a parka scarf and knit hat to keep warm sitting in his home

Tell us in the comments below or via this anonymous form about what you can't stand about your poorly flipped home (and include pics if you've got 'em!) and you could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.