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    Asking Someone If They're Vaccinated Is Not A HIPAA Violation, But These Tweets Are *Chef's Kiss*

    "How am I? Number one that’s a violation of my HIPAA rights."

    Recently, people have been declining to answer questions about their vaccination status, citing HIPAA to back up that stance. Most notably, Representative and conspiracy promoter Marjorie Taylor Greene has invoked HIPAA, and today, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott made similar comments.

    Marjorie Taylor Greene wearing a mask that says censored on it
    Jonathan Ernst / Reuters

    Spoiler: that's not how HIPAA works. That's not how ~any~ of this works.

    HIPAA, which stands for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, prohibits healthcare providers, health insurance companies, and some related businesses from disclosing your medical information without your consent.

    Doctor visiting a patient in their home
    Adamkaz / Getty Images

    Someone asking you a question about your health or vaccination status might feel uncomfortable, but it's not a HIPAA violation. However, if that same person turned around and called your doctor for your medical records *and* your doctor actually provided them, that would be an enormous HIPAA violation.

    Additionally, employers and businesses are well within their rights to ask if you've been vaccinated. And employers can legally require that workers get the vaccine, with some medical and religious exceptions.

    Employers also have the right to ask if you're experiencing COVID-like symptoms if you call in sick so they can take appropriate measures to protect the rest of your team.

    Meanwhile, on Twitter, people are having a field day thinking up new ways to use HIPAA as an excuse, and they are as funny as they are deeply incorrect:


    How am I? Number one that’s a violation of my HIPAA rights.

    Twitter: @Mollyrhale


    “Did you finish the entire pint of ice cream that was in the freezer?” “Can’t tell you. HIPAA.”

    Twitter: @jessica_smetana


    Asking me what my fun fact is during an ice breaker is a HIPAA violation

    Twitter: @grumpypharm


    If they kick me out of the arboretum for eating a Filet-O-Fish naked, that’s against my fucking HIPAA, man.

    Twitter: @NoahGarfinkel


    Inviting me to a Zoom call that could be an email is a HIPAA violation

    Twitter: @timjhogan


    My parents asking if I’ve managed to find a girlfriend yet is a HIPAA violation.

    Twitter: @JBSmithMD


    asking me whether I’m an ancient and terrifying forest spirit is a HIPAA violation

    Twitter: @bookishseawitch


    I’d love for someone to violate my HIPAA: Horny and Intensely Powerful American Ass

    Twitter: @1followernodad


    me: sends 1am text him: are you drunk? me: babe that's hipaa

    Twitter: @miadegraaf


    According to my cat, not giving him pets at 3am is a HIPAA violation 🤷‍♀️

    Twitter: @callme_gen


    Forcing me to go to work every day to use the degree(s) I spent hundreds of thousands of dollars & many years on is a major violation of my HIPAA rights, actually

    Twitter: @rkschiz


    Cashier: Can I see some ID? Me: Sorry, HIPAA.

    Twitter: @DomDiFurio


    Twitter: @RevJoBear

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