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    I Did A Nude Photo Shoot As Part Of My Bucket List And It Was A Beautiful Experience

    What's on your list?

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    Do you have a bucket list? Are you actively doing anything towards checking some items off?


    Watch Jazzmyne complete three tasks off her bucket list!

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    This is Megan, and she recently completed some things off her list, so she's now it made it her mission to help others check things off their bucket list, too.


    In this episode, she's set her sights on fellow BuzzFeeder, the beautiful and all-around badass, Jazzmyne Robbins.

    Jazzmyne told Megan she had always wanted to do a nude photo shoot, and she would love to get an empowerment tattoo from an actual female tattoo artist.


    Jazz also wanted to inspire others to do something off their bucket lists, as well. So Megan made it her mission to help Jazz make this happen.

    Jazzmyne always encourages everyone to be themselves no matter what, but she realized she had never really pushed herself to the extreme.


    Until she posed for the camera in nothing but her birthday suit. She wanted to look fashionable, relaxed, and still herself.

    When Jazz finally saw the finished photographs, she absolutely loved them! She looked amazing.


    "Some poses aren't gonna look the most flattering, but they're gonna look the most real., and that's what I wanna portray."

    Next up on Jazz's bucket lists was the tattoo, so they hit up The Warren Tattoo in West Hollywood.


    Megan surprised Jazz by having Zoey Taylor, the tattoo artist, draw up an image inspired by Jazz's nude photo shoot. How cool is that?

    Jazz loved the original design. And look at how cool the tattoo turned out!


    "This is exactly what I wanted. It's clean. It's simple, but it reminds me of a message of loving and appreciating every part of yourself."

    Jazz hit the streets of Hollywood to complete the final thing on her bucket list.


    She felt meeting people face-to-face and inspiring them to do something off their list would be amazing.

    Then a string of people started writing down what they wanted to accomplish in their lifetimes on the board, making Jazz feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Aww.


    Mission accomplished!

    This entire process made Jazz consider all the things she still wanted to do in her life.


    She said, "It was just, like, a whole new point of empowerment for myself."

    Go on with your bad self, Jazzmyne!

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