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    • meganashleyw

      IUD!! I got Liletta almost a year ago and I recommend it to all my lady friends. My period has lessened by 75%. I used to be the girl changing her tampon every two hours and bleeding through every single night of my period. I didn’t even know what a “lite” tampon was. Now I’m only using lite and regular. Cramping has reduced a lot, but I will say that my only issue with this birth control is that it took time to get to this point. Many who have an IUD, and PP told me this when I got liletta, say it takes about 6-9 months to regulate itself. So, the first 6 months for myself my cramps were a lot worse, but it is not like that now. My then BF, now hubby, didn’t notice anything and we didn’t run the risk of unwanted pregnancies because I didn’t remember to take my pill.

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