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    25 Hilarious Literal Translations Of Swedish Words

    What's on your butter goose today?

    1. AndedrÀkt

    Actually means: Breath

    Literal translation: Spirit Suit

    Ande = Spirit, Genie

    DrÀkt = Suit, Costume

    2. LĂ„rkaka

    Actually means: A big bruise on your thigh

    Literal translation: Thigh Cookie

    LĂ„r = Thigh

    Kaka = Cookie, Cake

    3. Örngott

    Actually means: Pillow Case

    Literal translation: Eagle Tasty

    Örn = Eagle

    Gott = Tasty, Good

    4. GnÀllspik

    Actually means: A person who whines alot

    Literal translation: Whiny Nail

    GnÀll = Whining

    Spik = Nail

    5. PlugghÀst

    Actually means: Someone who studies alot, kind of a nerd

    Literal translation: Study Horse

    Plugg(a) = Slang for school or doing homework

    HĂ€st = Horse

    6. BröstvÄrta

    Actually means: Nipple

    Literal translation: Boob Wart

    Bröst = Boob(s), chest

    VĂ„rta = Wart

    7. BlixtlÄs

    Actually means: Zipper

    Literal translation: Lightning Lock

    Blixt = Lightning

    LĂ„s = Lock

    8. SmörgÄs

    Actually means: Sandwich

    Literal translation: Butter Goose

    Smör = Butter

    GĂ„s = Goose

    9. Moderkaka

    Actually means: Placenta

    Literal translation: Mother Cookie

    Moder = Mother (old fashioned word)

    Kaka = Cookie, Cake

    10. KofÄngare

    Actually means: Fender

    Literal translation: Cow Catcher

    Ko = Cow

    FĂ„ngare = Catcher, Capturer

    11. Skitstövel

    Actually means: Someone who's an asshole

    Literal translation: Shit Boot

    Skit = Shit

    Stövel = Boot

    12. Soppatorsk

    Actually means: Slang for running out of gas

    Literal translation: Soup Cod

    Soppa = Soup

    Torsk = Cod

    13. Barnbarn

    Actually means: Grandchild / Grandchildren

    Literal translation: Child Child (or Kid Kid, if you prefer)

    Barn = child

    14. BjörntjÀnst

    Actually means: Disservice

    Literal translation: Bear Favour

    Björn = Bear

    TjÀnst = Favour

    15. ExtraknÀck

    Actually means: A second job, working 'extra'

    Literal translation: Extra Crack

    Extra = Extra

    KnÀck = Crack, Toffee

    (That's crack as in cracking, not as in crack is wack).

    16. Kofot

    Actually means: Crowbar

    Literal translation: Cow's Foot

    Ko = Cow

    Fot = Foot

    17. Marsvin

    Actually means: Guinea Pig

    Literal translation: Succubus Swine

    Mara = Succubus

    Svin = Swine

    18. Sömntuta

    Actually means: Sleepyhead

    Literal translation: Sleep Honker

    Sömn = Sleep

    Tuta = Honk, To honk

    19. Tupplur

    Actually means: Nap

    Literal translation: Rooster Reciever

    Tupp = Rooster

    Lur = Reciever (most common translation)

    20. Snuskhummer

    Actually means: A pervert, someone with a dirty mind

    Direct translation: Dirty Lobster

    Snusk(ig) = Dirty (sexually)

    Hummer = Lobster

    21. Klockren

    Actually means: Spot on, very accurate

    Literal translation: Clock Reindeer

    Klocka = Clock, Watch

    Ren = Reindeer, Clean

    22. Jordgubbe

    Actually means: Strawberry

    Literal translation: Old man of soil

    Jord = Soil, Earth

    Gubbe = Old man

    23. Kasta macka

    Actually means: Stone Skipping (on water)

    Literal translation: Throw Sandwich

    Kasta = Throw

    Macka = Sandwich

    (Yes we have two words for sandwich).

    24. RĂ„djur

    Actually means: Deer

    Literal translation: Raw Animal

    RĂ„ = Raw

    Djur = Animal, Pet

    25. BergsÀker

    Actually means: Being really sure of something

    Literal translation: Mountain Sure

    Berg = Mountain

    SĂ€ker = Sure, Safe

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