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Here's Your Ultimate Guide To Eating And Drinking In Adelaide

Not just a city of churches.

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There's no denying Adelaide is one of Australia's prettiest cities.

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And with award-winning wine and chefs, and seafood that's second to none, it's also one of the country's most delicious destinations.

Here's everywhere you need to visit to experience the finest food and drink in Adelaide:

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1. Honki Tonki, CBD

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Tucked away in the city's most notorious party strip, Honki Tonki opened its doors in October to rave reviews and has been packed ever since. Offering a fun take on classic Hong Hong street food, what it's lacking in a liquor license, it makes up for in an array of quirky Asian drinks.

2. Andre's Cucina e Polenta Bar, CBD / Via Instagram: @andrescucina

It's undeniable Andre's Cucina has firmly established itself as an Adelaide institution. Noisy, homely, and serving up some of the best Italian food on Australian shores, you'll undoubtedly leave here with a full belly and even fuller heart.

3. Magill Estate, Magill

Instagram: @magillestaterestaurant / Via Instagram: @magillestaterestaurant

With a menu once dreamed up by a Michelin-star chef, Magill Estate is one of Adelaide's go-tos for fine dining. The kitchen's stove is said to have cost $500,000, so it's no surprise the modern Australian cuisine it cooks is of the utmost elegance and sophistication.

4. Ballaboosta, CBD

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A laundromat-turned-eatery, this Middle Eastern establishment offers home-cooked meals at their finest. From tapas to wood-fired pizza, food is inspired by the owner's 71-year-old mother whose love you can taste in every mouthful. Open from sunrise 'til the wee hours of the morn, there's something for everyone at Ballaboosta.

5. Restaurant Orana, CBD / Via Instagram: @adelaidefoodcentral

No restaurant makes the most of the Australian outback like Orana does. Owner Jock Zonfrillo sends his chefs foraging for native ingredients on a daily basis. These ingredients then come together to create some of the land down under's most unusual and outstanding dishes.

6. Gin Long Canteen, North Adelaide

Instagram: @ginlongcanteen / Via Instagram: @ginlongcanteen

Gin Long Canteen is all your favourite Asian dishes rolled into one. From make-your-own cold rolls to creamy curries, crispy fish to green tea crème brulee, it's all damn delicious. They even put their cocktails in bubble tea cups. The hot spot doesn't take bookings, so get in early to avoid missing out on one of Adelaide's best culinary adventures.

7. Africola, CBD

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African-inspired restaurants are few and far between, which is what makes this city spot that much more special. Labeled by critics as one of Australia's best restaurants, Africola is renowned for its hearty meats and unique take on African cuisine.

8. La Trattoria Pizza Bar & Restaurant, CBD

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Anyone who has stepped foot on South Australian shores knows La Trattoria. With its founder once crowned world's best pizza maker, this traditional Italian eatery has fed Mick Jagger, Jon Bon Jovi, and Michael Hutchinson. The waiters natter away to one another while serving up some of Italy's most traditional, tasty dishes. Oh, and the spaghetti marinara is a must.

9. Golden Boy, CBD

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If you're after the ultimate Thai-Vietnamese fusion food, look no further than Golden Boy. Made for sharing, these colourful dishes display the best of the best in Southeast Asian cuisine and will have you licking your plate from the entrée onwards. Be sure to leave room for a curry or two.

10. Bread & Bone Wood Grill, CBD

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You can't go to Adelaide without trying a classic Adelaidian burg'. Bread & Bone offers up a variety of scrumptious diner-style delights, packed with smokey meats, and home-grown produce. The soft shell crab burger's your best bet for a taste sensation and don't forget to glance at their wine list for some superb South Aussie drops.

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11. Superfish, CBD

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This brand-spankin' new outdoor bar is a welcome addition to Adelaide's east end. If the endless summer drinks list and copious fresh oysters don't impress you, the nautical decor most certainly will. Alas, Superfish is only a pop-up, so get in quick before they shut up shop.

12. Gondola Gondola, CBD

Instagram: @duydash / Via Instagram: @duydash

Gondola Gondola's the perfect celebration of Asian cuisine, with some of Adelaide's best cocktails in tow. Offering up light lunches, heavy dinners, and an endless stream of funky beverages, this is your one-stop shop for a serious Asian sensation.

13. Maybe Mae, CBD

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If you're still obsessed with Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, this hidden bar is for you. Housing leather booths, classic cocktails, and old-school jazzy tunes, be prepared to go back in time whilst sipping on a Negroni. I mean, seriously, what's cooler than pushing on a simple wooden wall to reveal a secret bar? Nothing. Nothing is cooler than that.

14. Pink Moon Saloon, CBD

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Once a dingy old back alley, now a wooden hut, Pink Moon Saloon is all sorts of funky. Winning a handful of international design awards, this architectural masterpiece is not only easy on the eye but offers an array of boutique drinks and delightful dishes.

15. Super California, CBD

Instagram: @super_california / Via Instagram: @duydash

Quirky cocktails? Tick. Californian decor? Tick. Heaving dancefloor? Tick! Only open on Friday and Saturday nights, Super Cali is one of Adelaide's most renowned themed bars. Expect hip 20-somethings, flowing drinks, and a little bit of Beyoncé. These guys also give their basement a makeover every couple of years. It's been Mexican, it's been Thai, and one can only imagine what'll come after Cali.

16. Grace Emily Hotel, CBD

Instagram: @richdaviesatdu / Via Instagram: @richdaviesatdu

The Grace Emily Hotel is, quite simply, a quintessential old-school pub. Offering up live music, unusual decorations, and every beer under the sun, this watering hole even has a Burt Newton mural. Peruse the peculiar artwork whilst sipping on a fruity ale and you'll be in for a home-grown treat.

17. BRKLYN, CBD / Via Instagram:

This newcomer on Adelaide's night scene is the perfect combination of hip bar and swanky club. You can get a drink, a snack, a haircut, and sometimes even a tattoo. Anything can happen within BRKLYN's walls.

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18. C.R.E.A.M, Brighton / Via Instagram: @cream_jrb

What a name that stands for "coffee rules everything around me", this café is hailed by many as Adelaide's best coffee shop. Frequented by the likes of actor Teresa Palmer and band Sticky Fingers, this beachside spot prides itself on the perfect coffee and delectable breakfasts.

19. Bambi's Kitchen, CBD

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This vegan-friendly eatery is home to some of South Australia's most colourful dishes. Bambi's Kitchen is all about tasty treats that don't hurt the environment, also offering up some of the fattest slices of haloumi you've ever laid eyes on. The ultimate destination for vegos and carnivores alike.

20. The Loose Caboose, Hindmarsh

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One of Adelaide's most adored brunch spots, the Loose Caboose is every breakfast-lover's dream. The suburban café offers up a wide variety of cool creations, with their sugary dishes most certainly taking the cake. Plus I once sat next to Weird Al Yankovic here, so it's a sure-fire winner in my eyes.

21. La Madeleine, Norwood

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Paris meets Adelaide at this eastern suburbs delight. La Madeleine creates some of the city's most beautiful pastries, makes killer coffee, and cooks up every French classic under the sun. Think crusty white bread, thick ham, smelly cheeses, and a fruity tart to finish.

22. Cibo Espresso, various locations

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You haven't been to Adelaide until you've been to Cibo. With outlets dotted right across the state, the trademark red coffee shop sells an array of signature Italian coffees, sweets, and sandwiches. Plus their roasted almond gelato is to die for. A regular for locals and a must for tourists.

23. The Aviary Dessert Kitchen, Norwood

Instagram: @adelaidefoodcentral / Via Instagram: @adelaidefoodcentral

Adelaide's blossoming in the dessert department and The Aviary is no exception. Creating edible artworks, you'll find classics like Eton Mess and panna cotta alongside some more unusual creations like sweet dumplings and lychee ice cream. Any excuse to have dessert for dinner, right?

24. Penny University, CBD

Instagram: @pennyuniversitysa / Via Instagram: @pennyuniversitysa

Coffeehouse Penny University embodies everything that is quintessentially Adelaide. It's small, yet welcoming. Classic, yet creative. Humble, yet oh-so exciting. Expect hearty salads and the best moussaka you've ever laid eyes on, while sat next to a friendly stranger at their communal table. Homely, yet hearty, and everything that makes Adelaide, Adelaide.