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18 Reasons Why Adelaide Is Way More Liveable Than Any Other City

It wasn't voted Australia’s most liveable city for ‘nuffin.

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1. The cost of living is dirt cheap.

In Adelaide, you can have your smashed avo on toast and eat it, too. Average weekly rent is almost 50% percent cheaper than Sydney, you won't get tolled for driving on busy roads, nor do you have to fork out for exxy Ubers – because everything is so damn close to everything else.

2. People know how to pronounce words ~properly~.

Forget the eastern states' Aussie drawl - Adelaidians know how to pronounce chance, dance, and transport with absolute eloquence. The Queen of England would be so, so proud.

3. Speaking of which, you'll never get lost on public transport.

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Forget the impossible tram circuits of Melbourne, or being squished like sardines on a train in Sydney – there’s only one tram line in Adelaide, so you'll never accidentally end up in Woop Woop. You’re also highly unlikely to catch the wrong bus, largely because they never turn up. But that's beside the point.

4. Some of Australia’s best beaches are only 20 minutes from the CBD.

Who needs the crowded shores of Bondi and grey sands of St Kilda when you have pristine stretches of coast like Brighton, Henley, and Glenelg? Adelaide's beaches are absolutely beautiful (@Melbourne), and you'll have more than one square metre to yourself (@Sydney).

5. The wineries are world-class.

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You won’t spare a thought for the crusty old Hunter Valley once you’ve laid eyes on Australia’s wine capital. From the Barossa Valley to McLaren Vale, the Adelaide Hills to Clare, South Australia hosts some of the most prized wine regions in the world. It even has UberVINO – Uber specifically for wine tours. Did someone say wine?

6. It wasn't settled by convicts.

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When the British realised Australia was more than just a dump for its criminals, Adelaide was the first port of call for the motherland's high and mighty. When building the southern city, planners didn't even incorporate a jail – such was the nature of its settlers. Now compare that to Sydney and Melbourne, which were both filled to the brim with crims in ye olden days (still are, probably).

7. It's only busy for one month of the year.

Whilst Sydney and Melbourne are frantic every day of the year, Adelaide prides itself on solely going crazy for the month of March. Hosting the V8 Supercar motor race, the Fringe, the Festival of the Arts, Writer's Week, WOMAdelaide, AND the Adelaide Cup (phew!), "Mad March" is the only time the city is flooded with tourists.

8. It's the Festival State.

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There's nothing in Sydney, in Melbourne, or even in the world quite like the Adelaide Fringe. For one month each year, artists flock from all around the globe to perform in an array of weird and wonderful theatres across the CBD. From naked comedy, to Oscar-winning choirs, to death-defying magicians – there's something for everybody at the Fringe.

9. It's the 30-minute city.

Almost everything worth visiting in Adelaide is no more than a 30-minute drive from anything else. The city streets are laid out in a grid, so it's impossible to get lost. You can head from the hills to the city in under half an hour, there's no such thing as bumper-to-bumper traffic, and your mates on the other side of town are only a stone's throw away. Sorry, eastern states – I can't hear you over your roadworks.

10. You can buy the tastiest drink basically ever.

Adelaide is the only city in the world where Coca-Cola is outsold by another sugary drink. You can't get the deliciously sweet, creamy, coffee-y Farmer's Union Iced Coffee in the eastern states - and quite frankly, it's a FUIC, or it's nothing.

11. Events never sell out.

You'll never miss out on tickets to your favourite band, because Adelaidians are inherently lazy and won't rush to do anything, ever. Whilst gigs in Sydney and Melbourne sell out within minutes, southerners are notorious for leaving their purchase to the very last minute. Plus, there are a lot less of us.

12. There are only two footy teams to choose from.

Forget having to choose either Aussie Rules or rugby, and don't bother with the confusion of ten teams coming from the same state (looking at you, Victoria). Adelaidians follow one sport, and we follow it well. There's nothing better than rallying alongside your fellow Crows or Power supporters, especially when the rival AFL teams are going head to head.

13. It has big balls.

Like, HUGE ones. Sydney has its Opera House and Melbourne sports Flinders Street Station, but one of Adelaide's main landmarks is the infamous Malls Balls. And what's better than two huge, perfectly-rounded balls? Exactly.

14. It's Australia's green city.

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Adelaide reached 0% greenhouse emissions for an entire day in 2016. And yes, this was because of an accidental state-wide blackout, but it was a very well-coordinated Earth Hour nonetheless. Almost half of South Australia’s energy comes from renewables, so you don’t have to feel guilty for leaving all the lights on in your house while blasting the air-con.

15. It has PANDAS.

Yes, panda partners Wang Wang and Funi cost the South Australian government far too many millions of dollars, and and no, it doesn't look like they'll be making babies any time soon – but still. Adelaide Zoo is the only zoo in the southern hemisphere to host the giant cuddly critters. Taronga WHAT?

16. It's not afraid to make fun of itself.

Sydney and Melbourne pride themselves on being leading cities on the global stage, whilst Adelaide is simply proud of how "Adelaide" it is. Make fun of it and South Australians will defend their capital to the enth degree – but inhabitants aren't afraid to take the mickey out of their quirky dwellings.

17. Everyone knows everyone.

Anonymity isn't a thing in the southern capital; there's only half a degree of separation between Adelaidians. Head out for a day in the city and you're destined to see someone you know. On dating apps, if you don't have at least one mutual friend, you know to stay the hell away.

18. It doesn't change, much.

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It's an easy city to leave, and an easy city to come back to. The suburban corner-store will never be replaced by a high-rise, the people you went to school with will always live in the same suburb, and you won't ever forget the well-worn route to your favourite bar. You can spread your wings on faraway shores, knowing when the time is right you can return to Adelaide and fit right back in.

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