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    18 Reasons Why Adelaide Is Way More Liveable Than Any Other City

    It wasn't voted Australia’s most liveable city for ‘nuffin.

    1. The cost of living is dirt cheap.

    2. People know how to pronounce words ~properly~.

    3. Speaking of which, you'll never get lost on public transport.

    4. Some of Australia’s best beaches are only 20 minutes from the CBD.

    5. The wineries are world-class.

    6. It wasn't settled by convicts.

    7. It's only busy for one month of the year.

    8. It's the Festival State.

    9. It's the 30-minute city.

    10. You can buy the tastiest drink basically ever.

    11. Events never sell out.

    12. There are only two footy teams to choose from.

    13. It has big balls.

    14. It's Australia's green city.

    15. It has PANDAS.

    16. It's not afraid to make fun of itself.

    17. Everyone knows everyone.

    18. It doesn't change, much.

    Thumbnail image from @welovesouthaustralia and @flowerpotdebbie