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10 Signs You’re Experiencing Severe Scandal Withdrawal

[SPOILER ALERT] How did you not yell at the TV when Olivia got on that plane? The suspense is killing us to wait another season. If you're like me, you're needing another fix. If you started to vicariously live through the lives of the characters on Scandal, then welcome to Scandal Addicts Anonymous club.

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1. Your heart skips a beat every time you hear the word “President” / Via tumblr

2. When people talk to you about your job, you accidentally refer to yourself as a Gladiator / Via tumblr

3. You are suddenly suspicious of your Dad’s “profession” and start to interrogate him

4. You have begun to wonder if your identity is truly yours

5. You started watching reruns of Grey’s Anatomy and Weeds just to fill in your Scandal withdrawal

ew / Via

6. You talk about the possible divorce of Fitz and Mellie in your therapy sessions / Via giphy

7. You’re seriously disturbed when you think about Huck and Quinn and take it out on Shonda Rhimes

8. You kind of don’t want Olivia to end up with Jake because you hope he’ll end up with you

Via giphy

9. You passionately hate Cyrus Beene and get angry just thinking about what he did

10. You have tried to hug Mellie through the screen because deep down, you feel bad for her

Via tumblr

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