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    5 Lies About The New Colorado Voting Law And The Facts To Debunk Them

    There are a lot of lies floating around about one of the best laws in the history of Colorado (HB1303)- This law not only modernizes our elections system but it increases opportunities for voters. So let me break it down for you!

    1. People will be allowed to vote more than once

    Only your first vote counts.

    Thanks to the new law, Colorado now has a voter database that updates in real time. How you vote is secret, but the system records that your vote has been cast.

    Most of the time, a second vote is a simple mistake because people forget they have already voted. If there’s any question, a voter is given a “provisional” ballot that is counted only if the clerk confirms that the voter has not already voted Second votes are sent to the district attorneys to investigate. If they think you were intentionally trying to vote more than once, you will face felony charges punishable by a hefty fine and jail time.

    2. People can pretend to move to vote

    Voting is serious business!

    There are TWO things that can get you in trouble with the law:

    1.It is a FELONY to give false information about where or how long you’ve lived somewhere on a voter registration form.

    2.It is against the law to lie about your qualifications to vote: your age, citizenship and residency.

    You cannot pretend to change where you live to illegally vote in an election. It is a crime and can land you in jail!

    Keep your records accurate and it will keep you out of trouble. If you have legally moved, you can update that information at your clerk’s office or at a voter center through Election Day.

    3. Mail ballots mean No More Polling Booths?

    You have MANY options!

    Your ballot will arrive in the mail – but HOW you vote is YOUR choice! You can vote in person at any voter service center in your county, you can fill your ballot at home and drop it off at the vote center, or mail it in!

    All of these choices ensure safety of your ballot and convenience for you.

    4. Hardly anyone voted in the recent El Paso & Pueblo recall elections because of the new election law (HB1303)


    Because of last minute lawsuits and rules changes, the recall elections were NOT conducted under the new election law.

    An old 1912 state constitutional provision allows some candidates to gather signatures to get their name on the recall ballot up to 15 days before the election. That makes it tough to send out mail ballots and allow voters to return them in time for the recall election.

    Most Colorado voters (70%+ in 2012) prefer to vote by mail, so the constitutional recall provision eventually will need to be reconciled.

    5. Same- Day Voter Registration Opens The Door for Voter Fraud

    Not true!

    The new law did not change any of the registration procedures. First time registrants must provide an approved ID and a permanent legal address (which is checked for accuracy) when they register to vote. That has always been the case.

    The new law minimizes opportunity for voter fraud because the voter database is updated more frequently through multiple sources to make it more accurate. These updates eliminate people who have committed a felony, have moved or passed away.