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    John Mayer & Katy Perry Are In Bozeman, MT... And People Are Freaking Out!

    John Mayer owns a home in the Bozeman, Mont. area and has been spotted over the last few days in the small town. People's reactions to seeing him (or not seeing him) are hilarious.

    Some people are sad they missed the couple

    In case anyone is wondering I missed @JohnMayer and @katyperry in downtown bozeman by 30 min 😢

    — Jessica Marosok (@JessMarosok) February 12, 2015

    wtf @katyperry @JohnMayer how could you be in Bozeman and not tell me 😩

    — C™ (@cscattelan) February 12, 2015

    @liz_smalls I'm crying right now 😩 all I want in life is to run into John Mayer in Bozeman.

    — Rosalyn Kutsch (@rozkutsch) February 12, 2015

    Some chose to just walk near them

    When you see Katy perry at blackbird cafe in downtown bozeman and you make your mom drop u off so you can walk by! @katyperry @johnmeyer

    — Sophie (@sophiemay1028) February 12, 2015

    One person wants to play Mario Kart with them

    .@katyperry @JohnMayer hear you're in bozeman, you guys want to come play Mario kart after my math test? Yes or no?

    — Iceberg (@Iceberg7000) February 11, 2015

    At least one guy thinks he can get John out of the picture

    Katy Perry and John Mayer are in Bozeman.Mr. SteelYoGirl mode is in full affect. Better watch out John.

    — BB (@B_Braun3) February 12, 2015

    A few people shared a drink at a distillery with J&K

    My dreams came true when I saw @JohnMayer & @katyperry at the Bozeman Distillery; tried to play it cool but they knew I was freaking out.

    — Nilam A. Patel (@nilamapatel) February 12, 2015

    Just sat down next to John Mayer and Katie Perry at a small trendy bar/restaurant in Bozeman , MT, Plonk. Of al the gin joints....really

    — Donny Askin (@donnyaskin) February 12, 2015

    One person saw them at WalMart and snapped a selfie

    Overall most people are just genuinely excited


    — Josie Clemow (@JosieClemow) February 12, 2015

    @Feather_24 @katyperry she's in Bozeman. Road trip? we can tell Jerry we have a delivery there

    — Tyson Gentri (@Tybear13) February 12, 2015

    I kinda wanna dye my hair lavender cause @katyperry is in bozeman

    — Leslie Torbergson (@leslieamandat) February 12, 2015

    @katyperry heard you where in bozeman well I live there hope to see you around town your welcome here any time! Our small town loves you :)

    — Katie Fire Thunder (@katiefirethun) February 12, 2015

    and one of my friends left me a voicemail