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    14 Signs That You Grew Up In Billings, MT

    14 Signs That Everyone Raised In Billings Will Know.

    1. Crucified Cat

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    You remember the first time you heard about the crucified cat, and terrified the first time you ever visited.

    2. Cruising 24th Street

    3. Buttrey & County Market

    4. The Smell Of Sugar Beets

    5. Airport Road Ghost Jogger

    6. The Dollar Theater

    7. Sandee's Hamburgers, Happy Diner, & King's Hat

    8. Speed Limits Are Suggestions

    9. Hot 101.7

    10. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... All in one day!

    11. Father's Day Tornado

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    Remember that one time there was a tornado in Billings!? Now everyone floods facebook with weather pictures and calls small storms tornadoes!

    12. The Rims

    13. Let's All Go... Where To?

    14. Snowbird