14 Signs That You Grew Up In Billings, MT

14 Signs That Everyone Raised In Billings Will Know.

1. Crucified Cat

You remember the first time you heard about the crucified cat, and terrified the first time you ever visited.

2. Cruising 24th Street

Whether you were bored on a Friday night, looking for a date, or wanting to show off your car in the K-Mart parking lot, you cruised 24th Street

3. Buttrey & County Market

You bought all your groceries at either store and were convinced one was superior to the other.

4. The Smell Of Sugar Beets

You know the smell of home by how well you can smell the sugar beet refinery.

5. Airport Road Ghost Jogger

Whether you have seen him or not, you have heard the stories of the ghost on Airport Road.

6. The Dollar Theater

You remember back in the day when you could see movies for a dollar… and that was in 2006!

7. Sandee’s Hamburgers, Happy Diner, & King’s Hat

The three most iconic Billings Restaurants. Fortunately King’s Hat is still in business!

8. Speed Limits Are Suggestions

Seriously? Who hasn’t passed some slow driving geezer going 45 down 6th Avenue?

9. Hot 101.7

You were unjustifiably angry when Hot 101.7 changed to Hot 101.9.

10. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter… All in one day!

You love Montana for the seasons, even when you get all 4 in one day!

11. Father’s Day Tornado

Remember that one time there was a tornado in Billings!? Now everyone floods facebook with weather pictures and calls small storms tornadoes!

12. The Rims

Everyone knows exactly what you did on the Rims with that girl from your science class! Don’t lie!

13. Let’s All Go… Where To?

You know the rest of the jingle!

14. Snowbird

Billings most lovable volunteer crime stopper! The Magic City’s own caped crusader… well minus the cape!

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